Is having decent production values all it takes to be hailed as a masterpiece nowadays?

Is having decent production values all it takes to be hailed as a masterpiece nowadays?

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You care about normalnigs' opinions?

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More like I am baffled by normalfag response. How is Cyberpunk any better than Spriggan (1998) which is rate 6.7 on the same site?

Of course. Anime is a visual medium. People want to see visually appealing things with their eyes. If you care so much about other stuff like, i don't know what you want, stories and writing or whatever then go watch movies or read books.

kys maltard

There have been plenty of anime with great visuals and plots, no reason to lower the standard.

Recency bias and it's longer and hits more character tropes.

>he thinks normalfags watched anything older than 2 years ago

Just wait about five years for new generation of zoomers to discover it and give it 6.5/10

Caring about mal score is the equivalent of caring about rotten tomatoes one's. Its just a decent show

There have been plenty of songs with great music videos but you don't see music critics giving low scores to Blood on the Tracks or Pet Sounds because they didn't have good mvs. Because that's not the draw.

>Its just a decent show
you spelled shit wrong, tripniggеr

Considering the quality of most animation these days just having above average animation is enough

Not really or else Ufotable would be considered the standard

Just because it's 8/10 doesn't mean it's a masterpiece. The show is decent and it's a breath of fresh air.

So you can just present CyberPunk:Edge Runners with all the dialogue muted and it will still be the same product that is worth prasing?
Even if you agree I don't think most people are praising with the mindset that aesthetics matters way more than the plot. They take the story as part of the package and they probably think it's good.
So while this maybe an answer to why you specifically like it, it doesn't explain why the public at large seem to drown with praise any show that has decent production values.

that aside I don't even agree with your position that story doesn't matter. Maybe you would use that argument to defend a show that didn't have much of a story like Angel's Egg but not a show where delivering a story was part of the artistic intent.

it's like a band releasing a good song but never the audio alone but only as a package with a music video that was garbage, and annoying to look at, the band then goes to insist that this how they wanted you to experience the song

"animation" trigger has never cared about sakuga but they have a good style
I rewatched kill la kill few months ago and was suprised how limited the animation was
I think It's Imaishi who likes that since gridman felt more like other anime but the 3d kaiju fights were garbage

But the anime is a really solid 8/10

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>and it's a breath of fresh air.

In this bubble? Yeah

That's not decent that's good to very good. Decent is 6 to 7 at max

>gridman felt more like other anime
Gridman was even more limited with animation only it didn't look like shit like KLK

Nipples and gore.

It got a 10/10 from me.

It’s not isekai or a romcom

Again how?

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Need to update this
Triggerchads just keep winning

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You're right it's cyberpunk one of the most unexplored genres in anime

>8 reviews



It also has to be brand new and extremely popular

The people who go out of their way to watch older shows instead of the currently trending ones are also more critical

That's true but he might have meant the Spriggan remake that aired a few months back.

The old spriggan movie only has its animation going for it. I'd say I enjoyed the newer one as a whole despite the ugly cg