One Piece

I don't give a fuck about Bonney, UROUGECHADS WW@

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Can’t wait for the big bad muscleman to finally throw down

Oda doesn't give a fuck about him, Apoo, Hawkin, and Drake. That's why most of their parts seem half-assed and got offscreened.

Boney will be cucked too. Crew's full.

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I’d say he liked them enough. At the end of the day the other Supernovas are tertiary characters, existing more to make the world feel a bit more lived in than anything. I’d say he handled Killer, Drake, Apoo and Hawkins well enough in Wano, it’d have been an even worse arc without them

When do we get names for his crew? They seem more unique than most of the worst gen crews.

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Goddamn, have some mercy

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Imagine how wild it’d be if Uruoge is some Skypeain hero here to kill Imu himself

up in the sky

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Funny how back during dressrosa or whole cake island kidd and law would've gotten slaughtered by yonjou commanders but since they needed to asspull a way to beat big mom they got a power up

He's gonna fuck at some point, right?

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Critical thread in case anyone cares, not for fanboys.

He already has, several times. Several times today actually


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Endgame right here, brothers

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Carrot is inside Caribou.

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Endgame right here, hermanos

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Kill yourself

>I’d say he handled Killer, Drake, Apoo and Hawkins well enough in Wano
Why would you say that?

Why not even a goodbye? That's just pointlessly brutal. I can't think of a single other arc helper that got this treatment.

I don't know why, but Kaido always cracks me up in this one

>I can't think of a single other arc helper that got this treatment.

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Because they were there, they had some agency and were fun to watch. Just cause they are no Law or Kidd doesn’t mean they are bad.

Can Caribou choose whether you're allowed to breathe in his swamp or is Raizo just really good at holding his breath? None of those mermaids suffocated to death either even though they were all unconscious inside him.

Urouge is the obligatory black guy of One Piece.
What a fucking useless character.

You will watch my movie

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That would be too hackery even for Oda.

Wano characters don't count, they all suck and are gay.

i refuse!

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They fuckin

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I watched it this week, it was ok but it felt great to actually see one of these on the big screen with IMAX speakers blasting my ears into oblivion

You say this like we won't be getting more Hyogoro flashbacks next time Luffy needs a haki powerup.

The fact you think Kid is even remotely comparable to Law or even to fucking Bege tells me all I need to know.

Is X Drake dead? He was my boy ...

Cope and seethe


She had stopped being a relevant character since before we got to Wano. She had a beautiful day ending in WCI and she had her own resolution in Wano, It was just carrotfags who thought she was some super relevant helper when she never really was that different. She never even used a barrel or a crate to hide aboard and carrotfags pretended it was some super exclusive thing she always did.

If Uranus is just a speceship that can destroy islands then it will make Enel the most impressive character in the series because he made an ancient weapon completely independently without even knowing what they are