Have any bongs here attempted the K-On Movie speedrun?

Strange question, but have any Londoners here attempted to speedrun all the locations in the K-On movie?
Bonus points for eating food and taking pictures when they eat food or take pictures in the anime
Here's a map of the locations. Seem doable within a few hours if you have a vehicle

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i think most bongs are probably at work rn, but I'll give you this bump because this is kind of interesting

It's harder to do nowadays ever since the lockdowns. You now have to apply for tourism/travelers license after you have an interview explaining your daily plan, why you are going there, and who will you be communicating with. If you go off your presented plans you risk 10 thousand pound fine since they can use your phone to do so. Seems like a hassle, but it helps the authorities keep everyone safe in exchange for a few inconveniences.

why the fuck would I go to london its fucking shite

That's why it's a speedrun. Get in and get out as fast as possible, before you catch lung cancer or a knife to the chest,

how would the movie have turned out if they went to Hawaii instead?

was Yui attracted to Azunyan

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holy fuck
and you wonder why we have guns

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brits have guns they just dont take them to school


Jesus christ how disgusting.

For shooting your kids?
Common sense safety measures are no laughing matter.

Can't tell whether you are shitposting or just so much cucked by judeomasonic nonsense.


i think in one of the manga bonus pages they're shown spooning in bed
>literally lives like a half-life 2 citizen
>"a-at least we don't have shootings"

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>Mio > Yui

Thank fucking god we shot you retards back in the day.

Sawako is too old. All the other keions are equally lovely though.

Problem is with you is that you're now shooting your own children and BIPOC.

Sucks to be one that must reference manchild bibeo gaymes. What next, a Harry Potter or Marvel comparison?

>shooting niggers
That's a good thing.

>celebrates gun violence
American moment

At least vile posts like this would get you a visit, but you'll soon get there.