Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Leaks very soon. Chapter predictions?

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Cutest couple. Best couple.

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A cliffhanger in the last page.

nobody cares

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Who are the gimp Frieza dudes?

Kill yourself, narutard.

Mini juubis 2: electric boogalo

Code gets cucked even by mini-juubi soldiers

Passionate sex with Sumire.

Post Narusara, bros. The superior ship


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All these nothing happens chapters & episodes made me rewatch the war arc.

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>live action
That reminds me. What happened to the Naruto live action movie by Lionsgate?

How is Ikemoto not in prison yet.

He is blackmailing someone. It's over.

nice curves. you guys should use this as an op image and i guarantee you more people will get into boruto

6 years
Almost 300 episodes


Kek. Street whore.

>Still looks like a complete slut.
Ikemoto still hasn't lost his touch on this.

Hopefully cancelled or at least given to the Japanese to handle. Would you really want another Cowboy Bebop situation lol.

Sarada wants more power? Does that mean she'll go down the path her father did.