Bocchi the Rock!

This is Bocchi and she will be the best girl of the season

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Does she have crippling autism and an unfortunate girlfriend?

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So is having a side ponytail (or ahoge) a requirement to be Bocchi or is it a side effect of being Bocchi?

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Bocchibros we are... back?
When does the first episode air so I don't miss it.
October something?

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Your friend Hitori Bocchi

Yes. Autism to surpass the old and busted Bocchi.

I love that she is supporting Ukraine

i will marry bocchi so she wouldn't be bocchi anymore

I remember no one. Sorry.


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Is she a Kaos and Hitori fusion?

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That's Bocchi the Forgotten user.
That one stands out the most because of her hair color, unlike other Bocchis like Bocchi the Chaos or Bocchi the Genki or Bocchi the Exposed Tummy.

Kaos is the ancestor but she became Bocchi like to survive

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Not my Bocchi.

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Check the OP again retardbro, apparently the first episode (?) already aired in August.

>crippling autism
No, she's straight.

You Hitoribocchi shitposters better show up to every thread

is this yuri?