Jashin-chan Dropkick

Leek spin!

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>other thread isn't even on page 3 and just just hit bump limit
>making new thread
Newfag move.

>caring about newfags
also only delusional people pretend there aren't generals on Any Forums

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Miku-chan Dropkick


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>t. newfag

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Poor little snek. Even Per-mama abuses her.

This thread should be pinned
Leek Spin is a pillar of Any Forums/internet meme history

Miku's anime.

Well one of the pillars. Carmelldansen is one of the others.

Snek has had a hard life. She is always kind to her friends and constantly gets shit on. It's no wonder she has issues. Even her family treats her bad.

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She gets in trouble by her own hand

isn't that where the cloaca is located on snakes?


Wow victim blaming now?

She wouldn't have suffer any injuries if she hadn't cheated the tests

i feel like that shot should be a lot bigger than what it maybe is.
at least on Any Forums

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