Today's the day

Today's the day.
Any Forums is cheering for Cynthia, right?

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Give me the stream link that doesn't get blocked while airing please.

>all my fave champions lost
tbqh i'm just waiting for the result

That was so lame.

I wish I never watched XY, the degradation in animation quality between then and now is just depressing.

The writing for the battles are lame too. D-Max Togekiss did jackshit.

Yeah, but come on, it ain't happening.

It already aired.

Also, Garchomp's performance was terrible they made Spiritomb look stronger than Cythia's ace.

Charizard vs MCX looked better.
Gigazard vs Garde looked better.

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What was the message behind making a lifelong partner (flashbacks included) losing to a pokemon born like a year ago.

Nothing, just like Cynthia's forced retirement subplot. All it did is make her look pathetic.

The message was that effort doesn't matter, only plot does

The message was your first partner doesn't mean shit. Cynthia chose to use Dynamax Togekiss over Mega Garchomp.

>Doesn't even retire
OLM has no backbone, do they?

did it happen?

Ash won.