Dungeon Meshi

Did I get tricked into reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

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Prince and princess

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Dungeon master and dungeon mistress

No, it's just an alt version of the mc from "to your eternity"
Fitting for an infinite being.

> Princess
Marcille is a scraggly mess.

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Remember when this manga was good?

Yesterday? Good times.

laios's desire is going to be to feed the lion a meal isn't it.

Yes, I remember the previous chapter.

Of course I remember it. It's right now.

No, I am suffering from alzheimers. Wish me a speedy recovery.

>shipping already in the first post

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Yeah the climax is rushed to hell and the food stuff feels like self-parody.

Kensuke is the princess

that seems to be the idea. he just had an entire chapter explaining how his desire food works to set up the desire cooking chapter. the lion has been living off junk food for millennia, these fuckers are gonna make this asshole a salad

I think centaurs would have horse nipples.
Human chest nipples are meant for holding the baby, while horse nipples are meant for the baby standing up and drinking.
The reason horse babies are so much larger than human babies is because horses have wider hips than humans. Centaurs would also have this advantage.
So a centaur baby would be much larger than a human baby and be able to stand within an hour of birth. They'd basically be born as toddlers.
Hence, nipples on the horse part, at standing height.
Centaurs might still have human nipples, but they wouldn't be used.

only problem I had was that it was said the demon that entered out world was supposed to be the fault of ancient humans looking to have infinite magical power, like Marcille claimed she was researching, but in this chapter the demon just seems to accidentally appear in our world and has been interacting with humans for a very long time. Not sure if the author is trying to change our perspective on the nature of demons by revealing new facts or just she just changed her mind.

Given how history goes, if the demon is being truthful, more likely no one really knew where it came from and just lore was built on hear say.

That's the hottest part

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Conceptualize her fragrance. She probably didn't wash for quite a while

>Infertile princess
Into the trash. Lauis deserves better

That was a very informative post horsefucking user. I appreciated it.

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How about you tell me a manga where the climax or the ending isn’t rushed. Because it feels like most manga fails to do both