What would you do if you were the author? Which part do you want to change? Which part do you think should be explored more?

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I would include Nomus breeding Ochako.

Let the kids finish their third year. And get rid of Eri.

I would have roughly half the class go on smaller missions with Deku, minor criminals, robberies, whatever, and the other half train with him at some point in their 3 years together. It isn’t much, but his brief interactions with Shoji and Tokoyami are much more convincing than they are with, say, Sero and Hagakure.

I would kill Bakugo and make him stay dead this time with no bullshit revivals.

Look for ways to extend the story enough for the anime to hire some sakuga artists an what not :3

Instead of a villain arc I would make a whole spinoff manga of just villain shenanigans

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That's retarded


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Now post Mirio’s

Deli doesn't have powers and instead relies on his wit and classmates quirks. Dunno what that overarching story would be. Different author, but keep Horikoshi along for character design.

Fuck off Batfag

Fuck it, just make Justice League Unlimited but as a manga.

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Cry about it Gocuck

Why should I? batman is not a thing in this manga. Back to DC&Marvel Batfag

Deku is so terrible that Bakugo beats him in every poll despite doing nothing for 300 chapters. Why are you defending him?

No! Nomu x Mirio

When did I defend him? I just told you your ideas are retarded

Yours are even worse. Go back to DC and read Superman if you want a super strong mc.

>if you want a super strong mc.
Yes, I'm reading My hero academia right now. Now go back to DC if you want batman batfag