Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

I'm still mad.

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I will never not be mad.


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At least she died with a smile

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She deserved better.
>if everyone dies, it will become a master piece, just like my Akame ga kill, lmao

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We'll suffer together, bro.

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All Rebecca scenes here.(i think)

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This is a shill thread.

That's how all Runner/Cyberpunk stories end.

The protagonists are not good people, even if they're likeable or doing it for good reasons. Eventually things catch up to them and they get what's coming to them. It also keeps the setting static. If Runners consistently eventually got out of the biz, or pulled off big jobs without dying tragically then the setting would have to adjust. Either the corps would look weaker or the danger of the job would be less of a factor.

Hell, I'd argue this is an iconic story arc, something done in many different ways in different settings but used very frequently in crime dramas. Up and comer gets initiated to a life of crime. Mentor dies and he pulls the team together. Cracks start to show. Then a slow roll into an inevitable tragic end the protagonist's choices brought down on themselves. Gungrave has a similar arc, obviously executed very differently but the core is the same.

How many times have you cummed to Rebecca? I'm on 6.

>new show comes out and people are talking about it
>Must be shills

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>that feel you had the first time you completely murdered an innocent civilian (unintentionally) in a firefight or while driving and thought "now THIS is cyberpunk"

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It actually gets cliche and tiresome after a while. When you've read/watched too many of these stories then you know how things are going to end. And plenty of other dangerous settings can endure a single character having a good run and actually living to see 40, the universe doesn't have to reflect every other story told in it and even if it and even if it does then that individual could have shaken things up but things fell back into place with new names and faces but the same old game.

It's hard when she still has so little porn, I'm giving it a few weeks for the good stuff to start coming out.

Davido should have taken Smasher-sama's offer.

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I mean your personal taste is yours. Not telling you you're doing for feeling "bored" of it, but it's an iconic arc for a reason. People generally like it. And it's not like we're flooded with negative stories, on the whole most writers give us the happy ending more often than not.
You are right in a way though. The second David joins Maine's team you can feel the setup for the ending. And if you haven't figured out it's all going to go to hell for everyone eventually the second the handy guy gets killed you haven't seen much crime drama.

Personally I think it's fitting for both the setting and the kind of story that Trigger likes to tell.


>That cyberpsychosis scene with David hallucinating and Rebecca playing along

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Rebecca is easy, immature, desperate, used whore trash that doesn't deserve love. Lucy is a tough, cold, goddess mommy who's a virgin and is worthy.

Anime always preaches this message. Especially Trigger

It's not fair bros.

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Is it worth watching? I heard the subs are shit.

She's a dirty used whore who deserved to die

>Is it worth watching? I heard the subs are shit.
No. You're seeing threads for it nonstop because people are paid to make them.

Standard subs are shit, there's a fansub torrent that's a lot better though.

How are you in every thread, with the same copy-paste schizo shit. Meds. Now.

Netflix subs are shit. Wait for proper fansubs or watch raw.

She's a virgin lesbian


Just watch it Dub, the Dub is pretty good for this one

It's true

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