Why are these two so divisive?

Why are these two so divisive?

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What kind of division did they cause?

Dividing their asscheeks with my dick

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More like why is that artist so divisive?

They'd be better if they were combined into one character.

Yuta's wives.

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Now she is just missing horns


eh he has some good stuff. people are just trying too hard to force him as a meme.

No clue since I didn't watch it, something about them being into each other more than the protagonist?


Is my wife

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The ideal girl.

why is rikka wearing panties?

Because she is not a whore

if she isn't a whore she wouldn't wear a skirt so short
she's just half-assing being a whore

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Jesus mary and josef; lets fuck no homo

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the best Asanagi stuff is vanilla

the real best Asanagi stuff is ryona, full stop.