Dragon Ball Super

>has 4 horsemen
really makes you think

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Reminder that Goku lost to Bejita again.

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>goku saying fuck it it's feeding time make bejita bros cream their pants

Who could hate them?

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>I'm going to be a great scholar!

Gave me a chuckle when I saw it.

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No one.

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a Gokubro just flew over my house

I love every dragon ball character and don't like this tribal character fandom fights

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The gangs all here.

Bejita is so cool
Bejita makes you look like a fool
Bejita makes you look like a tool
Bejita is here to rule

Bejita is the king
Bejita is everything
Bejita breaks your spleen
Bejita they all sing

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Ginyubro... it never was about who's character is better but who can make their character's fanbase look the worst.

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>The Bojack Gang is comprised of five members
>The strongest Cell era Z-Warriors are comprised of five members
That’s a cool parallel I never thought of before.

Bejita is a bitch
Bejita got an itch
Bejita is a snitch
I dump him in a ditch
Bejita is a fag
His wife a wretched hag
Bejita is a wuss
His anus leaking puss

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this makes me think that /dbs/ should just atart making their own fanfictions, like "the story of how broly ended up as the son family pet" or "the mystery of who kissed Chi-Chi?" And so on.

Would fuck bottom left

Then why are you here? Why don't you fuck off to some milk-drinker forum like kanzenshuu instead, huh?

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I actually like how they jump their enemies instead of doing the retarded 1v1 strats. The only time they do a 1v1 (with a non-worthless opponent) they get their teeth kicked in and lose a member.

Don’t fret, Ginyubro. At the end of the day, we all do it in good fun. It’s what Akira Toriyama would want us to do with his series: HAVE FUN! [raughs]

I want to fuck Trunks so bad my brothers and sisters. How do I get a boyfriend like Trunks, or ideally, Trunks himself as a boyfriend?

We don't need to be mean here.

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He said "finally" not "again".

We already did that, it's called monthly shilling of Tracertaco's manga.

Farewell, jobyu

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we can do one chapter or one paragraph per user

I remember some guy said he was writing a fic where Goku and piccolo open a car shop he never updated



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And what dare I ask is wrong with drinking a nice glass of cold milk?

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>he plays SHITrim
You're done.

chi chi is literally to be owned by trunks and goten

Ok but what if Bojack was BETRAYED and TRAPPED inside King Kai's plane- ACK!

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This guy was literally made to just make fun of gay people.

>fight he won
Damn! My prince, Bejita sure is strong!

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it makes me think about what?

You can't find someone like Trunks, it's so unfair...

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Ginyubro... why did you come to a battlefield to say that you don't like fighting?

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Bejitabros don't understand basic grammar.

>Android 17
How do I get these individuals to ambush me in a dark alley and gang rape me raw for 73 hours straight?
GayCHAD btw

Trunks can't be your boyfriend because he's already my boyfriend.

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Based Frieza

He meant "finally" as in "finally, we have been all day fighting and I finally win after so much time fighting today".

>Homosexual fantasies
Leave, just leave please

Hand over your boyfriend IMMEDIATELY

>Bojack’s name is derived from the first half of the Japanese word “bōjakubujin”, which means “arrogance” or “audacity”
>Zangya’s name is derived from the Japanese word “zangyaku”, which means “cruelty” or “brutality”
>Bujin’s name is derived from the second half of the Japanese word bōjakubujin, which he shares with Bojack
>Bido’s name is derived from the Japanese word “hidō”, which means “unjust”
>Gokua(Kogu)’s namr is derived from the Japanese word “gokuakuhidou”, meaning “heinous” and “inhuman”
The Bojack Gang has some of the most badass naming conventions in the series.

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My fanfiction? It will be called "Dragon ball the way Toriyama wanted it" it will start off with bejita killing TARDku and proceeding to have sex with bulma daily and he will then switch over to fucking Chi-Chi and bulma daily. Afterwards bejita will go on to fuck more women such as videl, zangya, Chronoa, android 18, vados, brianne, launch, erasa, maron, and towa.

>"But if Chi-Chi is doing the same thing then this makes us even. And she's done it a lot from what I can tell. I'm not gonna hurt you or anything." Goku craned his neck to look at the stiffness between his legs again. "Er… I'm not gonna hurt you much."

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RATkuCHUD do we have a problem? WE DO NOT MAKE FUN IF PEOPLE HERE!

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Yes, and? CHADku is a true Nord. Shitgeta is just some sissy Breton BITCH.

>gokuakuhidou, meaning “heinous” and “inhuman”

That fanfiction made me genuinely fear Goku. He's so uncomfortable in every scene he's in.

>My bvlls...

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Kek, If this is the chapter that I think it is then this is maximum FUNNY.

Gohanbros? Why aren't we part of Videl's nights?

>DP 20

It seems that videl has a certain type.

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well well well?

>Android 17
These fighters?
They've all come inside me. Straight btw

>I march to death, though I wish it was my own.

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Are homophobia and racism allowed in these threads? I want to see if this is a safe space for my son and daughter.

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>I shall take their limbs. I will reap their beloved! I will tear from their consciousness, the will to live. Yes, this is my purpose.

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>DOGly is a period blood/ambiguous vaginal discharge drinking degenerate

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Yeah him and Goten aren't the best here

Here you should read these ones! They'll most definitely improve your image of goku!

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