Left or right?

Left or right?

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Retarded phoneposter

always Sakura

t. Shirou
t. Nasu

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>ywn be her majesties squire peeking on her while she bathes
why live?

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i like left's eye color better.

Big titty mo-chan

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Right, but only when she's EXTRA pale

Like actually white

Why do they have bulges?


You can't control the right.

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The right would just kill me, no?


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But this is good too.

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No. Her alignment is Good.

Every single Artoria (and her sister and son), all at once, in a giant banquet orgy until I die from exhaustion.

Then I meet my Rinwives in the afterlife.

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do you think an anime original grail war with one titty seibahs could work?

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