Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

>Shows up out of nowhere
>Kills thousands of cops
>Delivers the best intro in Anime
What was his problem?

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Tell me where can i find a Rebecca gf?

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no cyberloli to hold hands with

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Fuck that ending hurted bros

God I want Rebecca to beat me within an inch of my life.

How many episodes are out ? Should I play the game before? (have it on ps5 for cheap)
Do you now want to play the game ?

Someone I know saying she's "most disgusting anime girl hes ever seen"

I just dont understand

depressing as shit

Lucy stole David's update in the first episode starting the tragic train of events. Because of it she was able to find love and reason to live but also is what took it from her.

Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

All of them. Watch it all or get spoiled. It's a story you can still appreciate knowing exactly what's coming though.

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All episodes are out and no dont play the game


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Lucy is definitely shown to be cold tough wife material while Becca is the easy hotheaded immature whore.

The ending hurts, but pretty much the entire show hurts as well, since it's essentially David's drawn out suicide that all started with his mom's death.

>What was his problem?
tax evasion

Lucy started it all

if she died in arasakas facility as a child everyone else would have survived

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So what do you wanna do, what's your point-of-view

Honestly probably not, Night City would have chewed up and spat them all out one way or another

>Should I play the game before?
Definitely not necessary. There are a few "easter eggs" if you're familiar with the game but almost nothing that would improve your viewing experience. I had the game from an earlier sale before this show came out. There was also another big patch that came out along with this series fixing some more persistent bugs and adding some stuff.

Anyone got the shot of her tied up? Not the one where she's already rescued.

David still dies like a retard after flexing his augument.
Maine still becomes a cyberpyscho who dies like a retard.
Pilar still gets killed like a retard, because he's a moron who picks fights for no reason.

Anyone got that clip of Maine talk some shit into David before he went out like a champ?

>everyone else would have survived
No, everyone would have fallen to their vices at some point. Maine and David would have still succumbed to Psychosis, the others would have gotten killed on some job, Kiwi would have eventually betrayed everyone due to her trust issues, etc. Cyberpunks isn't really about longevity it's about leaving behind a good story.

Would you a Kiwi?

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I'm not interested in old hags.

I think the show was really good, amazing even. however. I think it could have been even better, one of the greats, if it have had more time to rest. It would've benefited from 12 episodes where they would had a bit more time spent on characters chilling or talking. still, action was incredible and characters were greatwh

imagine the attachments

could you imagine having your dick crushed by those

I think it's better as tight as it is, the more episodes the more chances of a bad episode that can and will sour the entire narrative.

I just dont understand why would Pilar make such a fuss of a retard peeing on the street. its Night-city, people do much worse. Was it because he was killing the vibe he and his friends had going on?

How close is the game to the feel of the anime?

anyone has the archive of threads as Any Forums watches the episodes one by one?

The cutest thing about rebecca is how she always kicks people because if she punched them they would fucking die

Good show. I particularly enjoyed the part when Julio died.

not at all. still something you should play and form your own opinions about.
I'm so pissed they never used this song for the ost
Would've made the episode 6 hit so much harder

And getting backstab while i'm naked? No thanks

bitch got no lips
no teeth
no tongue

but the blue nips are nice

Just a loudmouth who likes stirring shit you never met someone like that irl?

Watch the show first then play the game since Edgerunners happens a year before the game. The game is much better now as far as stability and bugs. I personally loved the world, characters, and design in the game but I feel like Trigger did a better job of fleshing out how scuzzy the world is. But the game did a better job showing the Corpo and Netrunner side of things

>not to death
Fucking poser

>The intro is basically that one trailer from years ago with the robo-slut with mantis blades about to get executed by Max-Tac but better
Uh. neat

Rebecca deserves a happy ending! Love myself a ride or die kinda of girl. She is also a pure heart that believes in loves, if it wasn't for her lame pick up lines she would have already have a family with David instead of getting killed by some pedo.

>copying an embedded url
stop spamming you nigger

>David would have still succumbed to Psychosis,
wouldn't have even lasted that long, desu. He would've naively gone back to school and then been promptly murdered or turned into an Arasaka lapdog with no free will.

Reminder that episode 6 >>>>>>>>>>> every other episode and that Kai Ikarashi is the greatest

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we already had
for sad moments

Thank God Edgerunners wasn't written by some autistic hack

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>Cyberpunks isn't really about longevity it's about leaving behind a good story.
Unless you realize that "Dying to become a Night city legend" is a bunch of Bullshit. He saw the game for what it is, and treated it like a 9 to 5.

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you have 30 seconds to tell me what your single cybernetic augment would be
hard mode: must not exist in the anime, you get 2 augments
edgerunner mode: must also not exist in cyberpunk's game, you get 3 augments

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This shows artstyle is so nice for gifs

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What position would be Rebbeca's favorite? Full-nelson or mating press?