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Do you think mid season movies for shows should be canon or would it be too weird for people who can't see the movie near release?

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Most movies are either canon or don't mess with anything so it's fine to think of them as canon.

I think Super Happiness Lovely being in the series would've been better than Forever Lovely because of how cute it is

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It's fine if they're just an adventure that can take place anywhere, but it's nice if it's also canon

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It would suck for little girls with poor parents and big friends overseas, but stuff like the Suite movie wouldn't be too offensive since it's just a canon side story, like an hour long episode

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I thought there was something in episode 37 that made the movie not canon

DP movie is literally being advertised in the toys as one and unseparated package

we better get human fairies in later episodes too then

I wanna go back and get more human fairies

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I want to see how hot human Glasan would be

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How often do they have these kig shows?

I think they have daily kig shows don't they

Why couldnt I be a little kid in Japon

But if you were a kid in Japan, you'd have all those kig shows to go to, you'd have a monthly Precure manga you'd have to read, you'd have to go to festivals like the kind in Precure so you'd be able to relate more heavily to it, and you can wear those cheap Precure masks. You'd have to put up with seeing Precure dolls in doctor office waiting rooms or at relatives house, you'd have to walk by Precure toothpaste in stores and shampoo.
Why would you want that?

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*distant sad ~mofu*

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Based HappinessChad

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What the fuck is that

Japanese food