Just started Armitage III and something in the first episode is really bothering me...

Just started Armitage III and something in the first episode is really bothering me. In this scene Armitage jumps on the perp's car and drives off with him and then shows up back at the airport 10 seconds later like nothing happened and its never followed up What did they mean by this is it an animation error or something?

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Best title drop ever.

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So if this thread archives with no answer fair to assume it was just a fuck up?

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Either that or, just ad likely, no one online right now has seen it recently enough to have any thoughts.

>has seen it recently
Or has seen it at all. The anime fandom is filled with sheeple who only watch falvor of the month moeshit. Something as basic as Ashita no Joe is beyond 98% of anime fans let alone whateve OP posted

Yeah I figured, cyberpunk is the talk of the week right now so I thought I'd get lucky.

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I just watched the scene in question.
I think it was just an anime direction fuckup.

>let alone whateve OP posted
lol outing yourself as a FOTM watcher
gg faggot

How is it so far, otherwise? I've never seen it. Always thought Armitage was cute, otherwise don't know much about it.

Personally I'm not a fan of the english dub.
The subtitling needs some work; some of the translations are off.
Story-wise, I like it.
The sequel sucks so bad that I no longer acknowledge that it exists.

Cyberpunk setting killer OST and interesting characters the old school animation style is good as well. The first episode is a 9/10 for me.

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Sounds cool, I can always get into classic cyberpunk. I'll probably check it out sooner rather than later, and listen to the OST in the meantime. Character designs look good.

Its a nice gateway anime(well animated, interesting setting and passable dub) but the end falls flat.

this doesn't seem well animated at all

Old anime has SOVL

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this looks good though. kinda weird with the 2D mobile base building game prespective but other than that everything looks fantastic.

> not well animated

Did you actually watch it?

that's why I said ''seem'' and not ''isn't''


The girl and the guy both look like they're from KITE. Even the glasses are spot on.

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