What is this archetype called?

What is this archetype called?

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Shit character

irrelevant jobber


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is that the bunny girl replacement?


They can co-exist. The more of these girls the better.

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does this cunt even have a superpower or is she just "the girl whose hair is made of fire"

genki boobie

i like her design, too bad stuck in a shitty series and is a jobber

Author really should do an ecchi comedy next.

He has a godly wasted talent to draw female characters.

A hot girl

It is a damn shame

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Apparently he's planning on doing a horror manga next.

the guy who wrote the Dark Deku (tm) arc wants to do horror?

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>You look like you needed savingkoshi wants to do horror
Good luck

her quirk is making my dick hard

To be fair, I think Hori has an urge to write fucked up stuff, but just doesn't have the nerve to go through with it.
Maybe if he moved to a seinen magazine, he'd be less of a pussy. Probably not, but maybe.