Why didn’t Rengoku become a demon and then kill Akaza?

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desuarchive.org/a/search/subject/why didn/

Because the author is a hack. Rengoku lost btw

Demons can't kill eachother
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>Demons can't kill eachother
The sword he has can kill demons, you fuck off retard

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no need to state the obvious

>become Muzan's slave
>forbid demons killing each other
Best case scenario would be to kamikaze and burn themselves under the sun but this is an upper moon demon and most likely, Muzan is watching and would control them both to run out of the way

Samurai demon has one too. It mutated to become demon

>Samurai demon has one too
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Despite being the fire Hashira, he wasn't really the brightest one. Plus I think it's partly a matter of honor/faith in being able to control yourself after becoming a demon. The only examples of people maintaining control after becoming one had to harm or nearly harm family members before they 'woke up'

I only watched this anime because the incest doujins were so hot. Frankly, I am very disappointed.

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desuarchive.org/a/search/subject/why didnt/
desuarchive.org/a/search/subject/why didn/
desuarchive.org/a/search/subject/why didnt/
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He would have to take the demon vax then.

Jesus christ how many times has this schizo made this thread. Why is he so obsessed with hating the movie

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Rengoku lost, he died a virgin and romantically loved his mom

esl user not understanding the theme of the movie

Demon power literally corrupts you and if you go against Muzan's will he just kills you remotely, just like what happened to that one demon that spilled Muzan's name.

Because unless he's insanely lucky like Nezuko or Tamayo, he'd end up under Muzan's control and not be able to kill Akaza.

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Hell you were probably staring at your phone during the movie and not listening to any of the dialogue

Because every Demon has it's mind wiped by Muzan so they don't betray him, and even if they did he can just kill them immediately via celluar breakdown. That's why the only good demons we meet have these paragraph long explanations for how that's possible.

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Rengoku lost and died a virgin, this is canon