Still best Navigator in the Series

Still best Navigator in the Series
>fuck the Austistic little Sister
>fuck the Senpai where
Fuuka is eternal

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The autistic little sister is the best due to Aoi Yuuki

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wrong board but I agree

I also agree

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the P3 movies fucking sucked. Was the P4 show better?

wrong board but fuuka is cute

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persona is literally the worst series you can adapt into an anime and get it right.

>Was the P4 show better?
Yes, the first one, not the golden animation



There's only one Fuuka I want to hear about and she's not from the worst persona

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I think I just have a thing for girls named Fuuka
both posted already, plus the one from Clannad
never realized it

It seems be a name that means "best girl"

windy ladies

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P5R anime when?

Only siblingless people think Futaba is a little sister.

I only remember seeing QUALITY screenshots ages ago, wish I saved some

Fuuka has a big butt!

it's always causing her problems

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