Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

>raised as a labrat
>wasn’t shown with another man
>didn’t show anyone else on the moon
There’s absolutely no way Lucy wasn’t a virgin when she met David

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becky sex

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did her really dirty.

the best is strongmen that aren't retards like Franco and Pinochet

He's like someone from Any Forums who got addicted to muh gains from steroids.

she is inspired by Motoko so she only had hot lesbian cyborg sex and made love with David

1. Stay in School
2. Pay for your software
3. Appreciate your mom's effort

simple as

Cute danger pixie.

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I assumed the ending was showing her give the same reaction through the helmet as she gave in the simulation, where it was tinted. Apparently some people consider it a suicide but that's stupid.


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She was a kid when she escaped and is currently in her 20s. She definetly had sex before David

Don't make your mother cry Any Forumsnons.

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>Tfw got around to watch it
>First episode
>Hot mom dies

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is Lucy now ready to settle down?

So does how much eddies does a BD of a sex with Lucy sell for?

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>moon in the background symbolising a dream that's slipping away as they keep falling to the ground
I just can't anons

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Delete this.

Does anyone have a cap of becky holding david's face when he thinks he's talking to his mom? I forgot to get one and already deleted the episodes

if your gonna die a warrior it should be against the strongest

It's okay bros, surely there's enough left to make a back-up.

David would've been fine as an Edgerunner if he wasn't so retarded.
1. DON'T flex your implants from a cyber pyscho in front of a camera. Especially when you know they're illict and no one will even buy them.
2. DON'T follow and idealize the roidhead who got went insane, assaulted his teammate, got his girlfriend killed, and then died a dog's death
3. DON'T replace 80% of your body with auguments. You've been blessed with a strong body that can take more cybernetic punishment than normal, so stick with JUST the super spine and the super lungs. You'll live a long life and you'll be in no danger of becoming a cyberpyscho as long as you use your powers in moderation
That's it. That's all he had to do.

The reason why she went from cuhrazy to
moody yandere when she fell in love with David was because all of this was new to her

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