Kunoichi Ume

Today Ume will show you how to make a healthy vegetable side dish for the otoko.
First, we cut the turnip into thin slices. Also, chop some shiso leaves in small pieces.
For the dressing, we crush some salted pickled plum in a bowl. After crushing, we ad onions sauce, vegetable oil, a few drops of sake that I stole from Konoha-sensei’s stash, and the most important ingredient zakarashi. Then mix the sliced turnip, chopped shiso leaves, and dressing together.
And there we have it! A vegetable side dish that the otoko will enjoy.
Never forget to serve this dish with allure jutsu and the otoko won’t be able resist.

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Are we going to have two threads again or will we let the Tachiaoi(rat) thread die once more?

At last best girl Ume-chan has her very own thread!

What other meals do you want Ume to make for you?

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I want to be isekai'd as shakuyaku's shin guard, hugging her leg all day!

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Why is Ume the default kunoichi for onahole services?

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is her cunny that good?

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It's awful, but she makes great post-rape food

what a sexy little girl

Ume is very cute but she's a bit of a crybaby. It might be difficult to do it with her without making her cry.

I mean, look how effortlessly Oniyuri's hand slid in Ume's butt, she is build for that

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We may have some non-english anons trying to expand this fandom somewhere else. Does this fandom have a future outside Any Forums?

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And your med

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Do you think that Ajisai and Ume are rivals and compete for who gets to be higher on Konoha's bratlist?

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Floppy Benis

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needs viagra

Sazanka's feet.

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I want to ravish Ume and eat her sweet sauce!

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The Kunoichis are for Any Forums only, we are going to buy the IP.