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Is there an anime character stronger than Aki?

And I'm referring to Aki with the Thousand-Men Pins and Sparagmos artifacts equipped, carrying a Blaze Reap, controling the Abyss's force field at his will, with the Zoaholic activated, a blessed form, ten cradles of desire powering him and making him eternal, the capacity to inflict the curse onto others, as well as being extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat, having his penis personally inspected by Hablog and possesing the equivalent of the size of the Abyss in salt.

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kek is he really that strong?

Aki blows a boy.

Not anime.

>meanwhile, at the Plummet Pub

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No not really.

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Rate my wife.

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Nanachi being male makes his relationship with Mitty boring
>muh oneitis
>but she was nice to me

something stinks in here

It also makes Mitty his wife and not mine. That's why Nanachi can only be a girl.

This thread needs more Faputa

I want to headpat Faputa

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In bed, yes. OC dono's legendary tongue and blowing skills can easily demolish and mindbrake even the objectively weake...sorry, I mean...""""""physically strongest"""""" of the white whistles.

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My TV needs any Faputa.

Anything new revealed in the game that was not in the manga?

Ozen forces Mark to dress femininely and he's being held captive. He's not actually m2f.

Didn't we already know that? Maybe not the held captive part. Now I want to rescue him and he can be my son. He still has to wear the dress though.

Baby making sex(literally) with Kiyui!

Faputa or Nanachi.
Who is the better narehate?

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i didn't realize the last thread was at bump limit

>Didn't we already know that?
Nope, at least not in the manga or anime there was zero mention of ozen forcing anything on mark.

Your ambition ends there, serves you right!

Regarding the most recent episode, am I completely who missed the part where Nanachi actually strikes Faputa in the manga? I thought it was Belaf striking her with his tail, and Nanachi just carried a staff instead of a fishing pole... this must be the first time the bun ever directly aided in combat, right?

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>Maruruk, it's time to go to bed, better strip and tie yourself up while I'm in the bath

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he beats ozen

Don't mimic me

Tell me a single evil thing Wazu did that wasn't absolutely necessary to save his people
Pro tip. You can't

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He literally doomed the entire village by tricking Reg to bring in Faputa’s arm

Wait for a sale

But he didn't do anything evil at all. The rabbit babies were not viable and Irumyuui was going to die anyway if they didn't use the cradle

I mean before they meet Reg and Riko

Yeah, what's up with that? It turned out to be completely pointless. Not only did Nanachi get freed without using the arm, but Reg didn't even keep the arm to save Nanachi. Did Reg read the script? How did he know he wouldn't have needed the arm later? Really dumb.

Feels good to be an anime only like me, I clicked on it but it means nothing to me because I will forget about him by the time the season 3 of the anime airs in 2026 just kidding, I'll be dead.

>he didn’t know how condensation works so he continued to give everyone mockwater.

Look at this creature.

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The blessed scrunklies......the lil' scringly-doos......

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>Faputa would have gotten her revenge how she wanted it if she just shaved her fur instead of tearing off an ear and arm and attracting half of the sixth layer