These are your 4 idols for the night.

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>5 in picture
Is this a bot?

Anzu isn't an idol

I'll take the two on the left. The other three can go wash dishes or vacuum or something.

What is the job of an idol at night?

Sex with my daughter, Nina!

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impregnate, impregnate, impregnate, impregnate and impregnate.
btw all inside of marriage because i'm not a degenerate


by allah, what's the problem?

got any adults instead? dick won't fit in these gnomes

t. virgin

i'm gonna give chie the sexing of her lifetime

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One is one of those slutty JKs.

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Thinking of it as trying to make as many cute little girls happy as possible. It's something we should all strive for.

Imagine the blowjobs.

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Then why does she spend so much time at the office?

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Because it has free WIFI.

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This is Nono, she is Shiburin's oshi,
say something nice about her

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She's cute during the Halloween season.

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Nono is super cute.

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Obviously, you're the one in the middle.

Why does she always look so pitiful? It turns me on more than it should.

She has extreme social anxiety disorder.

Her whole personality is being nervous about things. She's just weird. Her best friends are a tryhard punk tsundere and a drug addict.

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