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What do you do when you get snipped?

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I heard you have to keep your balls on ice for a week.

Reason why mangadex is taking so long to respond to my upload is because I did such a good job right hahahaa

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Go poke them on discord, they're lazy bastards.

Hmm yeah probably will
after the weekend
I love this.

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What font do u use for mango?

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Thank the gods and buddhas that I succeed in making the manga popular, and drop it to work on something else.
I just need someone to do them, all the better if it's not me.

Reminds me of an old troll TL I saw on panda. Also had photos of pages with post-it notes, but not printed but on screens, and it was in increasingly silly situations like on a table with food or on a toilet board.
I have no idea how I found it in the first place and now it's bugging me because I can't remember what it was.

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A Waifu2x model for de-jpeg-ing screentones.

You'll have to convert the json to a caffe model to be able to use it with waifu2x-caffe:

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does the shonen magazine website let you download the chapters if you pay? I’d rather not wait for the tankobon to be released to get the raws

ww good

I continue, since I only translate series I like reading.

This big breasted prostitute character's name is "キュネイよ". Is it really what I think it is? Cunny?
Also, what's a good way to say "魔獣"? Demon beasts? Most of the 'demon beasts' shown so far are just a variety of dungeon monsters.

I was considering doing the Demonbane manga, what's a good font for this

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>using waifu2x
Kill yourself.

Maybe I should've posted a comparison too.


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de-jpeg'd using the model

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Looks like shit, fuck off and learn to use Photoshop.

キュネイルス is Cynegils, so just キュネイ could be Cyne.

魔獣 means magical beast or legendary beast. Could also be called magical creatures.