Damn, it's such a good time to be an anime fan right now

So much excitement and hype in the air! The engagement alone is really fun.

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Nigger, I just got back into anime after a 5 year hiatus and the state of anime is horrific. 2011 was too good to us.

>So much excitement and hype
For what

I can watch damn near anything I want, from any time period, subtitled in English, for free. That's pretty amazing. Even if I have gripes with the modern anime industry and community, ultimately yeah, I have it pretty good.

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Just find the few shows you want to watch and watch only that.



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Stop watching new anime

Bot hands wrote this post.

Is she nude?

what are some good anime currently airing you would recommend giving a try? never watched an anime with Any Forums before.

this, liking old anime is a safe and socially acceptable choice

There's just so much. For anyone burnt out by the current state of things, there's no better cure than to look backwards.

are you always such a passive aggressive little bitch

To be fair my "stop watching new anime" post wasn't great either

never watched new anime, never will


Fall season is wild :

Mob Psycho S3
Chainsaw Man
Urusei Yatsura
SpyXFamilly Part 2

Clearly superior to summer season

Oh forgot Detective Conan

>Mob Psycho S3
>Urusei Yatsura
Remakes are shit
>SpyXFamilly Part 2
Reddit garbage
Kill yourself


Can't believed I missed that
>Chainsaw Man
worthless trite

This thread smells like reddit

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What does reddit smell like?

You would know, wouldn’t you?

see: We're spoiled for choice and it's amazing.

I want to engage with Anya fertile womb...

>lists generic normie shit
Underaged spotted

I never thought I would see /a in this state

Shitting on things underageb& like isn't going to hide the fact you're underage too.

It’s still summer in third world countries

Based anime enjoyer fuck Any Forums

That's nice faggot
It's not anime user enjoys > The engagement alone is really fun.
It's being a fag in his gay little communities

Any Forums has been mainly into new + popular for as long as I've been here

UY is gonna suck compared to the original, Gundam's gonna be yuri trash, shonen jump can die in a fire. Only looking forward to Spy X Family from that list, Isekai Ojisan hopefully coming back, and Eminence in the Shadow.