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Oda just keeps bringing the heat

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Kill yourself, pissshill

>that´s what i want.... the end of my dream.
Top tier line, right there!!! That's why One Piece is still the top. Luffy's true goal remains a mystery and even more One Pice is just a means to achieve it. Jesus Fucking Epic!! Luffy shows once again why he is a top tier mc.

Bellamy confirmed.
Trannies and furries BTFO.

It really is. Leaveing Wano was the best thing to happen in years.

i agree this has to be the likely answer, but why would this be the dream of 5 year old luffy? it doesn't make much sense for a 5 year old to want.


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>b-but oda said n-no romance among the crew

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right. does destroying the red line SOUND like something luffy would want?


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Endgame right here, brothers

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It's amazing how much betters the chapters got IMMEDIATELY after we left Wano. Really makes you think

Wait what happened? I dont recall.

>We finally leave Wano
>One Piece suddenly gets good again

Was Wano the real birdcage?

What a downgrade.

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What happened on September the 15th 2022, in chapter 1060?

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Are you pisstards really pretending that this shit is in any way improving?

Nami so cute...

so what is his dream?
getting his dick wet?



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In the crate

>looks up at the sky

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That character.... never existed.

Each of the Straw Hats’ reaction tells us a bit about what Luffy’s dream is about. We know this is dream he’s held since he was seven years old, so it wouldn’t be about destroying the red line or anything “epic” like that.

The Sunny was alarmed, so maybe the dream has something to do with another adventure, yet it would be an adventure that’s damn near unheard of.
Jinbe’s reaction is pretty telling: “What…did you just say…?” It would imply that maybe he’s heard the dream somewhere before? I mean, in his conversation with Who’s Who regarding Nika, he seemed to have some knowledge about the legend that he didn’t want to get into at the time. Maybe it traces back to Nika? But then Jinbe also says that he has no excuse not to go with it since he willingly joined the crew. So maybe the dream puts the crew in some danger.
But then if that were the case Usopp would be more afraid considering how he’s a fucking pussy after all. He just thinks Luffy is way over his head.
Robin, like Jinbe, has probably heard the dream before. Who knows at this point. She keeps a lot to herself.
Chopper is pretty hyped up about the dream, too…so maybe to him it sounds really fun and really, really childlike? Like, turning the whole world into an amusement park type childlike?

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His dream is having two commanders above admiral level, with Zoro and Jinbei it is now a possibility.

Bonney sisters Oda remembered we existed

We got to cocky........

I appreciate that Oda remembered the Sunny and had it "react" as well

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Was this chapter really 10/10?

You're going to pre-order Volume 104, aren't you?

This chapter would be fine without the shitstain arc known as wano, but now the question of why imu didn’t nuke wano will remain unanswered. Can’t wait for all the head-canons from people who are desperate to defend oda.

In ancient Egyptian religion, Medjed is the god mentioned in the Book of the Dead. His depiction as a ghost in the illustrations for the Greenfield Papyrus has earned him popularity in modern Japanese culture, including as a character in video games and anime.

Spell 17 of the Book of the Dead mentions, among many other obscure gods, one Medjed (meaning "Crusher")
I know the name of that Assassin among them who belongs to the House of Osiris, who shoots his eye but remains invisible.

After this papyrus illustration was exhibited in 2012 at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo and the Fukuoka Art Museum, Medjed became a Japanese social media sensation due to its resemblance to a ghost costume. God has been adopted by Japanese popular culture. He has become a character in video games and anime.

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His dream is the eradication of all non human races, that's why Jimbe laments his decision to join, all he can do at this point is laugh at himself.

Go to the stars. Star Piece will be GODAs real Magnum Opus.

buying the world makes the most sense
I don't see how going to the moon or throwing the biggest party has Pirate King as a prerequisite

All of a sudden the carrotfags are "productive posters" after they get denied. Never seen any posts like this prior to this chapter with her stupid face in the image.

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What will happen after one piece ends? Will Oda move on to a new manga or will he retire? Will someone make a one piece sequel like Boruto? Will the animators attempt to milk the series with movies and filler for years? What will people think of the story in say 10 years from now?

Nami won.
Nami is Luffy's wife.
Nami isn't filler like Boa or Yamato.
Nami is the best thing to happen to the series.

Any chapter that shits on c*rrotfurries is 11/10.

His dream was probably something like gathering all of his friends for a huge party. Unifying the world is probably just the means to that end

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In the bathroom

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SLUTS for cocks

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I skipped the post completely because of the image

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Luffy wants to go to Space.

Somebody is hiding in there

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>Will Oda move on to a new manga or will he retire?
He'll retire
>Will someone make a one piece sequel like Boruto?
Yes, but it'll be it's own thing instead of hard canon
>Will the animators attempt to milk the series with movies and filler for years?
>What will people think of the story in say 10 years from now?
The original was great but the sequels are soulless

>History will absolve me
>Legacy is tyranny and almost causing WW3

I guess this means this is the final crew composition.

Luffy x Robin confirmed

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>Cover request is a reader asking Oda to have all TEN members lined up
Crew is full.

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Why doesn't Great Im-Sama just nuke Wano now? Kaido is gone, the old kingdom would be gone forever as well.

The ship is alive, tourist

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Why does he have to be Pirate King to do that?
Why didn't he give a fuck about Enel going there?
He would have gorren what he wanted right then and there

Something is there

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Nami is too cute!

That was the Merry, sunny is a soulless toy.

What does Trudeau have to do with Bonney?

What we see: when Im chooses the place of impact herself, he concentrates his gaze looking at one point. On the "paper" map, he cannot see exactly where to hit in reality, he marks this place and something in the form of a UFO that looks like a "hat" flies to the designated place, (the Gorosey knew the place of impact) so at that time a "UFO" was flying , hangs over the place of the real impact like a "video camera", through this something Im sees the real place and concentrates the blow looking at the island.

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That died and they're using a new ship...

yes you heard Oda right you lunaschizo

Who's that?

Merry speaking will always be cringe.

Imu respects Oden-sama.


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>straw hats actually interacting again
these last two chapters have been a dream come true. have i died and gone to heaven?


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Merry was alive
Sunny isn't


Why didn't Im just nuke Wano while Kaido was on it? Not like even Kaido could have reacted to that.
The answer is, don't think about it too much goyim

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>the symbolic culmination of usopp, franky, and robin being freed from their insecurities, trauma, and guilt through luffy’s kindness is just a toy

I'm making a list, can people please link me and post theories that people have had since the start of Wano that were wrong. Tamy8hhanks.

I hate Sanji.

Who do you think he is? Ashura Douji? Only the most pathetic faggots die to explosions.

We kinda dont know Imus true intentions. Does he just want to keep the status quo? Does he wants to crush all pirates? Does he allow pirates to raise every generation or so? Its all up in the air right now. The gorosei just seem like middle men talking politics and trying to keep the world balance, Inu is a wild card, everything we say now is pretty much speculation.


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Forced and unfunny meme.

As always, bro.

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Why did Oda rob us of our little sister?

We all know the reason why oda would never do this, nuke and “wano/japan” are never a good combination, oda will just leave it unanswered and have fans fill in the excuse by themselves.


I've had this one theory ever since I got caught up that Bonny was Luffy's mother
>Loves enjoys eating, just like Luffy
>Can control her age, so she might be way older
>Implied connnection with Kuma, so possible connection with the Revolutionaries
Guess these next couple chapters will prove/disprove my theory

>Why does he have to be Pirate King to do that?
Freest man in the world before freest man in the universe.
>Why didn't he give a fuck about Enel going there?
He didn't know he was going there and besides he would like to be Pirate King first.

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didn't ask

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read morons also the merry’s spirit lives on with sunny as mini-merry

not reading anything from carrot posters + you're gay

Luffy's son and daughter get a spaceship from Enel and explore the universe.

He wants to draw his jolly roger on the moon


No, its either just a general surprise from the crew or the Sunny itself reacting

She's from the island that just got nuked

Post Cute and Canon

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>as mini-merry
So mini merry is alive, sunny is still soulless.

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I'd wager removing an Emperor just like that could raise some questions. Hell, Kaido might even survive the blast somehow.


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Made for extreme despair. Oda is based

He wants to throw a party with everyone in the world.

>Carrotposters still alive and kicking
Based. I love you guys. Keep at it.

No island got nuked, wtf are you talking about?

the only way you could say the sunny isn’t alive is if you deeply dislike franky, robin, and usopp

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Someone has been FISHED

>She's from the island that just got nuked

Fake image, Blackbeard only likes bitches with pink hair.

We doesn't even know why Imu nukes countries to begin with. Maybe he just rolls a dice. Or she just throws a dart at a board. They could even just say the first thing that comes up in their mind.

fuck off zoloFAG

This is headcanon shit


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>blue ball nothing burger filler to have literal midwits and casuals made aware of the secret dream plot line
>npc pathetic and forced reaction lines from the crew
>badly paced and framed random IM flex
Fanfiction Piece. Shit writing of the highest order but at least it's not lame and boring like Wano

If Imu had access to orbital cannon all this time, why bother with Buster Call? It's like that thing, except doesn't do the job well, because people are still aware of Ohara.
Also judging by the Gorosei reaction, Sabo being on Lulusia just coincided with exterminatus, meaning it was likely brought down either to hide the King's crime, or to prevent existence of a Revolutionary-affiliated country.

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Chapters like these remind me what Oda is capable of when he has no restrictions or deadlines he needs to rush to
That build up of Sabo talking to Dragon on the den den mushi was very suspenseful. It was a very effective sequence. If it actually killed Sabo then that's even better, but this is One Piece so he'll probably be fine

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luffy is going to some gay shit,huh?
something like world peace or food for everyone or some other eco bullshit

Reminder that when Hancock was a slave she was definitely impregnated over and over again by the Celestial Dragons.

What are the chances that Luffys dream is just something ridiculous like "throwing a party with the entire world" or something? It would basically need world peace for something like this to happen which is obviously one of the many endgoals of One Piece and Luffy loves partys. Also it's sounding childish enough to warrant most of the reactions

How’s old Sabby gonna get outta dis one, folx?

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Why would the sunny react? It's not like merry

your insecurities are showing lunaschizo


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Well apparently he was pathetic, because his will failed to get inherited.

kek based

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Carrotbros... *wheeze* what's our... *cough cough* final... *wheeze* cope...

No one is reading your long posts, fags.

Duchess bun

They made for a hair color aesthetic trio.

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Luffy's mother will be a nobody like Rouge, briefly mentioned in Dragon's flashback then totally forgotten.

Sabo will probably be alive but he’ll be a changed character having gotten an entire kingdom of innocent people nuked

I want my face in between those furry buns…

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It's not that. But they are going to space soon. My bet is that they are going to space from the top of Yggdrasil/Elbaf

He’s made of fire

By being aware of Ohara they know not to fuck with the lost century and poneglyphs. Then ou have shit like God Valley that, altough a major event, barley anyone seems to know about outside of grandpas. Rocks was a threat that tried to break the taboos of te world, so they had to be removed from history.
At least I guess that's what Oda tries to show with the usage of either Buster Call and Orbital Strike.





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So then , does Im already have a map of the world since he can nuke whatever he likes?


Buster Calls don't generate as much fear and hysteria as knowing that the World Gov has orbital nukes they could drop on anyone would. Im obviously wants a degree of order so keeping the weapons of total mass destruction hidden is needed

yeah haha the guy who really likes freedom is gonna be some fag who wants everyone to be happy and cared for. what a fag

>having gotten an entire kingdom of innocent people nuked
the island was the target speedreader-kun, Sabo just happened to be there

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why do the gorosei seem almost repentant for what's about to happen in this chapter
they've got a 'this is regrettable' look on their face even though they're taking out a revolting nation and the revolutionary leader two birds one stone style

Never happened

Yeah, it's fucking awesome how Oda handles such things. He establishes new concepts in the story with angelic grace and itegrates them masterfully without giving away too much in order to maintain some mystery around it. You can't even say that this comes out of nothing because the hints have ALWAYS been there.
It's definitely not too late to change the main character's dream after 1000 chapters if you with such a solid foundation. Not many authors can pull off a twist of this proportion. Goda, I kneel.

someone dump the chapter pls

I dont know in what situation, but she will appear again someday, anything is welcome.

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Its absolutely like the Merry

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>Lego piece 26047 riding a straw hat shaped UFO to enact buster calls.
Why are you giving Kracc Bacc video ideas?

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What the fuck is Luffy's nose?

It doesn’t matter whether that’s the case, all that matters is what he believes, uncritical thinker-kun

Crate or Elbaf. If not the latter, then it's over for real.



what chapter was the top one from?

Can someone please tell me why the jannies tolerate these spamming furniggers that avatarfag with Carrot?

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Hot. her womb is a haunted house.

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Projecting much, sanjispic?

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They were very hesitant to call the Buster Call on Ohara too. Even told Clover to reconsider his position. It doesn't seem like they enjoy needless genocide

Hope, to see those silly ears again

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most likely, which begs the question why didnt he just nuke ohara and why doesnt he nuke laughtale unless its actually hidden underwater or on top of another huge animal like some people speculate and cant find it

Luffy’s strawhat is actually an abstract representation of mariejois on the redline getting destroyed by the ufo hat laser.

Holy rent-free. Probably discusses more One Piece than your schizo-driven ass.

the could be many explanations for it
1. We don't know the nature of the orbital canon. It could be like the King Punch where Im can only do it once and then must recharge
2. Buster Calls allows for evacuations. This is an instant removal of an island. No witnesses, no survivors.
3. It could also be a recent thing. I don't think we've seen a buster call be called post timeskip outside of movies and shit. Maybe this is all they have to do now

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