Can someone explain why these guys are willing to die for $150,000?

Can someone explain why these guys are willing to die for $150,000?
Wouldn’t the story be more realistic if it was like ten million dollars?

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Gambling addicts

The Japanese are known for their low payouts, It's quite crazy how little they pay.

Weren't they all in massive debt? It was either that or some other messed up yakuza shit to settle the debts.

150k is still a lot to have in hand all at once. That can get you an actual house depending on where you go and even if not completely is a huge portion of the cost. It doesn't sound like it worth your life certainly but try being in debt or when you really need it.

they are literal subhumans who can barely eat and have literally nothing else. They'd do this for 15k

But like… They are risking literal death. Wouldn’t it be smarter to just work your ass off for 20 years rather than fucking drown to death?

Country was in a recession, also they were massive degenerates

> a guy that probably makes 30k a year still risking his life whether he realises it or not questions why a guy would risk his life for 150k in one ahot.

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It's easy to say you wouldn't risk your life for 150k (not adjusted for inflation) until the opportunity is right in front of you

Tonegawa was addressing this exact point and kept calling them idiots for not taking the chance to wipe out the debt instantly until they accepted because he wanted them to play.

Because they're literally at the dredges of society. Most are in debt up to their necks that would require decades to pay off. They can't even dream about saving up money working some minimal job. And of course they're absolutely shit at handling their money to begin with. Plenty of them will go their whole lives trying to gamble it back. Even though it's a safe and sure way to pay it back by just working that's not viable for people this degenerated.

All that also only applies to the people with regular debt, anyone who owes money to the organization is going to be thrown into a slave labor camp if they don't pay it back so that's incentive as well.

if they were smart they wouldn't get into this situation in the first place

>American citizens are so accostumed to debt that they can't understand other people not doing it
In most countries being 150k in debt is being a failure, in US of America is just monday.

If they were told it was a 50/50 shot, they probably wouldn't take it. But as things were, they could influence their outcome so they all believed they would definitely make it happen.

3rd economy of the entire planet fag

Kaiji looks much less attractive than this

Meh do you know how long 20 years are? It's better to die
Don't forget that when you work or are bored or suffer time goes much slower, it ain't like your neet time

>just work your ass off
>for 20 years
No. You have no idea how miserable that'd be.
>any and all money that you don't need to literally feed yourself and keep a roof over your head goes towards paying off your debt assuming you even make enough to pay it off to begin with
>you will most likely remain alone during the entire time because no girl or man will want to date somebody with a six figure debt
Congrats, user. You are now 45-50 years old. Your life can finally begin!

user, these fuckers are a bunch of gambling addicts, wagecucks and poorfags with hundreds of dollars in debt to the fucking yakuza, but only earn around 100 bucks monthly without basic living expenses in an hyperinflated japan where a cheap burger could cost between 15 and 30 bucks?
How dense are you to not notice someone who is very, VERY desperate?
These are the kind of people that are so desperate for money that they are willing to suck your dick for just 1 dollar.

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>implying user isn't 15

Why is there so many children on here

I would suck dick for a k.

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150k was a lit in the 80s