Imagine having a short spin-off about Donovan's early life as a mercenary.

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I'd fucking read it, no problem. Even if it was isekai shit of some sort.

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berserk really died didn't it

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Why did he do it

Epic funny and super original joke about a non-character OP
I'm sure all of your middle school pals think you're hilarious

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Yes, Redditors might not like it, but surely based Berk fans can appreciate a fine joke.
Also, you forgot to say "Griffith did nothing wrong". After all, handsome men can perform nastier things and still be praised by basedboys, right?

>sees fallow humor in a bread dedicated to dark fantasy series
>pulls up "adult card" as an argument why the joke is bad
This site is not for people like you, kid.

Griffith and Wyald were way worse, especially Griffith. So joking about them is alright, because they got more screen time in the manga? I didn't expect to see such a degenerate here, holy shit.
You write it as "gallows humor", user.

Moar Donokino pictures

I unironically want it. A manga featuring Donovan's career as both a mercenary and rapist and how he broke anuses all over the continent.

I would prefer seeing him in battle, to see how strong he was.
Gambino was an asshole, yes. He didn't have to agree and accept Donovan's "offer".

>I would prefer seeing him in battle
Who gives a fuck? That's not why people like him
People love Donovan due to morbid fascination with rapists and degenerates.

I like him, because his design was pretty cool.

But I get it. When you say you like Donovan's character design, people focus on Donovan's scumbag side and start to thrash you. When you say you like Griffith's design, people say "ohh right, he did nothing wrong by the way".

What if Guts was isekai'd from the start and he just never brought it up because he wanted to fit in?
He just made up that crap about him being born from a corpse so he would have a nice story to tell people.

This, but instead it's a story about Donovan raping OP for 100 pages.

OP here. I wouldn't mind.

Duuuude le black guy raped guts xD I think one about horses would be better though (if you know you know)

if I could, I would do a Donovan based spin off, something like Interspecies Reviewers

Samefagging we are, eh?

Before I read Berserk I genuinely thought Donovan was a reoccurring character in multiple chapters from your guys shitposting
Nigga is like in two chapters in the beginning of Golden Age to do some (albeit funny) rape and make Guts suffer

Donovan is integral to guts development. Far more than griffith, who stagnated his personal growth for over two years in verse now.