Make a Code Geass AU

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>Euphemia and Shirley
>hated characters

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Bismarck defects to the Black Knights and falls in love with Rakshata.


Lelouch defeats Charles but botches the Zero Requiem and so he has to stay on and rule as Emperor. This includes him having to take a harem of wives, which he reluctantly agrees to. He must use his wits, cunning, and Geass to navigate the deadly and byzantine politics of the Britannian Empire, all while trying to do what Suzaku wanted from the start: change Britannia from within.

Everybody loves Game of Thrones royal politics shit, so I figure a Code Geass AU full of it would be popular. Also, maybe Suzaku dies before the show starts, which increases Lelouch's desire to fulfill his dead friend's vision.

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Who in is harem of wives?

>Suzaku dies before the show starts

>for example, if I told you *looks you in the eye* "pay a nonzero salary to imageboard janitors"...

This one

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Easy, Code Geass without drama and suffering - just school life and fun. I like stuff like that, they suffers enough in original, just let them chill. Actually - every drama needs AU like that.

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Same shit, but all the characters are genderbent

That makes absolutely no sense MC dad has like 50 wives and hundreds of kids.

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>Shirley captures Lelouch after shooting the bitch knight and restrains him
>Uses him as a sex slave
>Runs the black knights with his insight
>Wins somehow

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Why would she want to run the Black Knights?

Geass allows one to manifest someone's heart and Lelouch gets caught up in a rebellion lead by his childhood friend. C.C is a pink hair autistic girl who Lelouch uses her heart to lead the rebellion. Also there's a virus that's turning people into crystals

Can I get Hirai to do the character designs?

>Suzaku dies before the show starts
picked up

Just animate Nightmare of Nunnally, I want to see this beautiful train wreck in motion

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>not loving Shirley

Only faggots


CG and UN-GO take place in the same universe and my fanfiction sequel to UN-GO is set during the timeskip between R1 and R2 with Shinjuurou's attempts to expose the truth of the Britannian collaborator Rinroku crossing paths with CC's scheme to rally the Black Knights after Lelouch's capture. The finale features Inga fighting one of the Knights of the Round and Shinjuurou briefly assuming the mantle of Zero as part of his move to publicly reveal Rinroku's unjust acts.

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