One Piece

Chapter 1060: Luffy's Dream

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Crew's FULL

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Just realised why gear 5 luffy looks odd, it's because he's not wearing the strawhat

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>doesn't elaborate further

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My favorite part of this chapter is when Bonney showed up and said "It's Bonney time!" and Bonney'd all over the Straw Hats

Did Kuma send Bonney to the Strawhats?

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>but she's small?!


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where the fuck did he hide it this smug son of a bitch godammit

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Zoro should recognize the kid

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>And Shanks had some tears rolling down his face
[The World's Number One Oden Store blares in the distance]


Dashing hats for dashing men.

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God how is she so fucking sexy

Oda is continuing Miuras' legacy with the amount of cute and funny females being inserted

based and Tama pilled

>tfw tomboy nakama

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Bonney's appearance on the Sunny reminds me of Olga's, it's almost the same.

>Winter atmosphere.
>Loli who's secretly much older

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dream to leaving another one piece? what else do you need to become a pirate king first.

Endgame right here, brothers

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1060 confirms pretty much unequivocally that Vivi is not considered a Strawhat, otherwise they would've gone after her

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…? Did you speedread? Zoro was the only one who protested.

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Dreaming of leaving a giant treasure seems a bit small compared to how everybody acts after earing it.

I would be shocked if this guy doesn't reappear as a new member of SWORD by EOS

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wanna bet that luffy's dream is the same bullshit that joyboy said that made roger laugh with tears. luffy saying it made shanks laugh with tears gave it away.

we did it

Oh yeah, and Zoro's the captain? Zoro makes the decisions? Do you think Zoro would tell the crew not to worry about Nami if she went missing, since she can save herself?

I can fix her bros...


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Smarter than SHITji