Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

>Goes out of his way to mock a man's penis
>Only one to go out with no glory
Pilar deserved a hero's death. But who was ultimately wrong here?

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Are you people so fucking stupid you can't use the Catalog? Trigger anime always attach the worst tourists to Any Forums.

Remember to invest in a Trauma Team basic package. Otherwise you could be one accident away from becoming a retard like David.


>But who was ultimately wrong here?
David for being such a dense retard and not understanding that Lucy’s moon dream was metaphorical and Lucy for not talking crystal clear that what she wanted was to run away with David
You can’t use the catalogue either nigger, the only other CPER thread hit bump limit

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Just how powerful is Japan anyways in this universe?




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Very powerful. Cyberpunk was created back when Japan was on the rise and they thought it was going to be major power house.

Based Traumachad

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pretty strong

Just a front for Arasaka, like the NUSA is a front for Militech

I survived, thank you, Trauma Team™!
With even your basic care package you can save yourself from things like serious brain injury that could cause you to make actions that would lead to a lower standard of life, like dropping out of school and becoming a merc.

Not trying to bait but I just finished watching it and as much as it's impressive visually I had a hard time with the story.
Extremely cliché and predictable all around.
I understand that it's obvious that the story is gonna be about David's downfall but it doesn't make it any more interesting, they're not switching things up.
It's told in a very basic way and to top things off the gist of the story is love driven which is fine in itself but god is this shit so forced it's making me cringe everytime both of them interacts.
Romance is by far the most common genre in medias so we inevitably compare it to other stories, you can't just shit something so basic and hope people can "turn their brain off" and enjoy it because it looks cool.
I really wish I would've liked the story since everyone is having such a fun time with the show.

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In the Japanese talk show with Otsuka and the CDPR producer they revealed that Lucy is Japanese (her family name would've been Kushinada, but it was erased).

blueberry flavored nipples

purple gatorade comes out of them

No need for that kind of health care when you can provide your own very best!

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>serious brain injury
Oh shit that's right, David probably did have some kind of untreated head trauma after the crash.

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but i still like it

David is the most CHAD MC since Yomogi. Prove me wrong

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Hey, maybe that's why he didn't go cyberpsycho quickly! Who knew a severe concussion could do that.


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>Makes the same mistake his predecessor did and goes out like a bitch

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Somehow its population continued to grow up to 2077

>Trigger?!? TRIGGER?!! You got TRIGGER?!!!" I put down my controller and had to breathe into a paper bag. Almost as mind blowing as Keanu doing Johnny.

said Mike Pondsmith

What made you think it was forced? Lucy’s behavior change?


Makes sense, they all but say she's a Nip in the anime already.



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He fucked up unlike Yomogi though

You look like a piece of fuckable meat... are you?

I don’t know how a gen x man is as based as he is

Skippy would trigger cyberpsychosis in him before he even got fully chromed.

That's why you play Shadowrun as a Shaman instead...

wouldn't cliché be he kills Adam Smasher and goes to live on the moon with his cyber-gf?

Make sure you don't go toxic or make pacts with insects.

was it really "impressive visually" thooooo

Ok choom

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You are right

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>as much as it's impressive visually

You think THAT is visually impressive even though you are attaching a tenshi no tamago image? Explain yourself this instant.

How many eddies do you think she cost when she was a doll?

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you play shadowrun as a shaman or mage because magic is hilariously broken because you woudln’t be playing shadowrun if it weren’t for magic.

I am a Rat Shaman desu wa.

>CDPR said that David would have loved Skippy

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Manga what? Nigga just play the damn games.

Loli Doll must be Premium, 400 eddies an hour at least.

all of mine...

This is an animes board, famtachies.

I'm sorry to hear that, I basically agree with every point you made but I still liked it because the love interest is hot and edgy and has high sexual tension with the MC and that's my fucking jam

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Genesis a best, the ones released on PC were ok.

Also, Joshua got a good ending.

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based mike living the dream

How does one kill Adam?

You mean in the beggining? Part of it yeah, it's a common trope tho so i got over it but having the main character meet the coomerbait and her saying she's opening up to him even though she has no idea who he is yet "just because" reeks of force romance.
That sort of stuff is common when it comes to anime I get it but it doesn't make it any less unbearable, you can't shove tropes down my throat and then expect me to care for the characters if you don't put the time in building them properly.

cliché doesn't mean happy ending necessarily

With Skippy and a pax mod
Or a railgun behind a wall

honestly I liked the pc ones better for the story but genesis was mechanically the best and it still kinda holds up because it was actually using like 2e rules.

So does eveyone agree episode 6 was the best?

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>Goes from hangin out with Johnny and Rouge to being a radio conspiracy show's host.
What's the backstory here I wonder? Would love them to actually expand on this.

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Lucy is for the sole purpose of procreation. Rebecca is the side bitch, Kiwi is the rapist, and Dorio for erotic massages.

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one Bloddy Rouge and a shit ton of ammo

Literally who

Murrka fell apart and global markets collapsed before China started growing super fast so Japan and EU dominate the setting. China is rising now tho.

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6 was best
10 is a close second

having a wholesome chungus man tulpa

>tfw there are people ITT who think that Lucy was a virgin

by being 2 legends combined into one shell

Stop taking meds. Unleash your schizo.

APDS rounds, something quite common in Cyberpunk tabletops.

It was so fucking good
Kai Ikarashi is ridiculous, he knocks everything out of the park

She was the standard manic pixie dream girl yeah but even that didn’t really totally ruin her character. the rest was pretty cool to I really liked main and the golden arms guy

>POV: you're becca

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>Dies from being beaten death with a dildo
Is this worthy of an Afterlife drink named "Smasher"?

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Literally the first credit in the OP

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This talk show is in Japanese, but it's pretty interesting. For David, CDPR gave a prototype design that Trigger adapted to anime; he is a character that shows more of CDPR's taste and style. For Lucy, on the other hand, Trigger had more freedom with her design; rather than a character from a western drama, they wanted her to be a Trigger-like anime heroine. Also, Lucy is a hafu (part Japanese/part polish) because her parents are CDPR and Trigger; her last name was Kushinada before she got collected by Arasaka. Rather than a "villain" they think that Faraday is more of another poor sucker that got dragged into the meatgrinder that is Night City. Rebecca became popular with the staff when they saw her in the show, but at first CDPR wasn't sure about her. Smaller girls like her are common in anime, but they were worried she wasn't going to fit. They were also not sure about how she had feelings for David due to her young looks. But in the end they think all worked out and they thank her Japanese VA (Tomoyo Kurosawa) for changing their minds with her performance.

user, of course women with womb tattoos can be virgins!

I think she actually was, she used the deadly and crazy bitch mask to hide that she was just a huge autist

There's no reason this story codn't have lasted a bunch of seasons with some needed padding and extra fluff
>hurr durr bloat
No, 10 episodes were ridicolously low and extra would benefit even the main storyline as you get more interactions and Militech/Arasaka backgrounds
Hell most gangs do not even appear

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Corpotrash don't get drinks named after them in the Afterlife.