One Piece 1060

English scans are out:

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Carrot will join the crew.

>Yeah Im sure Vivi can handle the world goverment going against her just fine
>Few pages later
>Vivi gets literally obliterated by a beam coming from the sky
Good job Zoro, you are so smart

I want Sanji to step on me.

Endgame right here, brothers

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dump it here faggot

spoiler for 1061

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chapter theme

I can't dump it the website is slow as fuck to load for me.

How much do you guys think Luffy learned about women during the time skip?

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If Vivi can't handle some shitty lasers she didn't deserve to be on the crew anyway, we don't need more dead weight hanging around.

What the fuck Is this Zimbabwe tier website that implodes after 3 connections

>That's the central headquarters of the enemy, you idiot! You feel like fighting the Navy HQ?
>I'm saying you're clueless! Cool your head!
>Are you underestimating Vivi? She's a strong woman!
>When the time comes to move, any of us will fight! When there's nothing we can do, don't make a scene about it!
Enter Vice Captain Roronoa FUCKING Zoro.

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Another chapter solidifying zolo as the shittiest SH

At least link to a not 3rd world site you tard.

>>Are you underestimating Vivi? She's a strong woman!
zoro is retarded

nice bait niggerfaggot

>soulless colors
>ugly art
>fat fish
>limited expressions

even the fucking bear looks soulless

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He spent time with Rayleigh the Dark Cunny King, so I'm sure the subject came up. Luffy was autistic enough to tell Boa he wasn't going to marry her despite all that. So he's aware, but just doesn't care.

Post Cute and Canon

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LuNatroons will be the next Yamatroons and Carrotkeks.



stop humiliating each other here guys

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He's just making up excuses so they can "unfortunately" be too late to save her.


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What’s up with Luffy’s face

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Sorry, KEKro is kneeler of the crew

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somebody dump the chapter

The Cunny Piece is real.

Link doesnt work

My wife.

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>scared of navy HQ after his captain puts down kaido
>"nah dw tho vivi will be good lol"
Zoro is the worst strawhat

Beautiful mommy.

Wait..that composition..

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>Oda outright says Zoro is NOT the VC, he just acts as if he is
>zolofags still bang on about "muh VC!"

What’s up with Zoro’s face? Why is Nami’s lipstick bullet wonky? Is the scan shit or did Oda’s rendering get worse?

>SCARED OF admiraLs and other navy jobbers
Weak cuck

Pink gang.

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Zoro confirmed pirate king level

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Now where have I seen this before?

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>this low effort edit sends the carrotcuck into a seething fit of rage

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>Zoro thinks Vivi is strong because she beat him 900 chapters ago
My monkey brain husband is so cute!!

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He got your IP kek

It's only natural that two most attractive members of the SH crew date each other.

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In a better timeline:

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Blackbeard? Jobber status

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Historic chapter. Congratulations OPchads.

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>We stand for liberty!
What the fuck?

what even is the name of the chapter?

>has the voice of authority when it comes to what actions the crew should take
>is much brighter than the captain himself when it comes to decision making
Zoro is vice captain everything but name only. Only reason Oda doesn’t make it official is because S4njikeks like you would kill themselves. You’re already having a meltdown with Zoro deciding what the crew should do.

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>going to Ennies Lobby to save Robin?
>yea absolutely

>going to Marijoa to save Vivi?
>n-no....the navy is scawy.......

what the fuck happened to this man during the timeskip

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>Forced meme
Oh no!

shits out of order

Reminder that Nami is cute and gay!

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>have a literal island's worth of women all to yourself for 2 years
>remain chaste and focus on training the entire time
Truly the volcel hero we need

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What when did oda say that.

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His face has been getting rounder and his hat getting bigger as the series goes on.

wtf Oda celebrating taliban victory?

Jinbe stole Usopp's hat privileges

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If it's so forced why does it get yous constantly from furfags
Just let it die lmao


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Gay Nami is the best Nami

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>Father just killed and she herself disappeared
>Not serious danger
Wtf Zolo.

This is a Yonko: having a temper tantrum.

Oda has only humbled Sanji so he can retake his 3ji spot. I know how he works, at some point his number autism will demand Sanji is san again.

All characters are straight until proven otherwise. Yuriwhales -

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What kind of garbage site is this, every page takes ages to load unless the page crashes before it.

that's the token minority hat

go back

>we need to head over to alabasta
that would take fucking months is luffy retarded

zoro looks like hes in pain

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Is this dumb nigger really comparing Ace to Vivi?

God I wish I was Zoro...

that there's literally a schizo who cries about forced memes on Any Forums of all places is fucking ridiculous.

Coby and his harem

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Better link:

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so what the actual fuck happened with the rest of the beast pirates

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Based Dream Dream no Mi possessor

Didn't someone make calculations that the entire pre-timeskip only took a few weeks?

>comparing Ace adventure to Vivi being in distress

>Vivi after her father being assassinated and her getting chased is not serious danger

What is KEKro talking about?

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I know it wasn’t Oda’s intention but it looks like Nami is being dramatically sarcastic here

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Vivi has never jobbed to anyone, unlike Ace.


Cobyfags love it

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No one cares.

nami is nami

>Everyone making fun of Zoro
>Only responds to Sanji
Holy rent free.

>Luffy could've just said fuck Zoro and decide to go anyway
>He doesn't
Why are you guys getting mad at Zoro? Luffy is the captain after all.

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Good. A working link. I can finally read this before getting some sleep.

they are fucking DEAD

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The Kaido is getting dragged out by Jack.

Now that the dust has settled, who lost harder?

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Pink really is the most feminine hair color

I kneel
I squeal
Strawhat Carrot won't be real.

I cope
I mope
Yamato hand me the rope.

I sin
I never win
She belongs in the trash bin.

My seethe and cope got deployed
My headcanon got destroyed.

I cluck
I suck
I am a... Carrot cuck.

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Nice headcanon, retard. Do you have a SINGLE panel that actually supports your dumb theory?

But muh Vice captain despite no one respecting what he said and in literally the same chapter he was proven wrong with Vivi literally being anhilated

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why is arabic written on the throne ?

Carrot had
>No on-panel goodbyes
>No mentions from the crew
and was
>Shafted all of Wano
Isn’t it obvious?

I miss Kiku

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I want Katakuri to sit on my face.

The one that isn't a deviantart OC unfortunately, Oda would rather give troons two flashbacks.

I'm going to do... THAT
the GOOD translation is out by our friends at tcb

Remember to refer to the official list of Straw Hat Crew members if you ever get confused about who belongs on the ship.

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I don't, because I still masturbate to her just about every day

wait a fucking second

is that literally the strawhat we saw during the reverie chapters?

that's uranus??

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Zoro was right in that they dont know where Vivi is, but was wrong in acting like she doesnt need help when from their persepective its her against the world

>Pink really is the most feminine hair color
Why then did Oda make koby pink haired?


Changed to scans.

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>same filename as the cuck spam
Sanjischizo is a tsundere for Zoro

Enies Lobby….?
Remember that…?
Waging war on the world…?

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this line means more coming from brook cuz he's some kind of worldly super soldier 100 years ago that he'll never tell us about

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Damn, soulful spread.


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Who is the One Piece equivalent?

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*Nightmare timeline

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No, it means Brook is just retarded. Alabasta just had a massive civil war that we saw in detail on screen.
Dumb fucking brainless skeleton.

Now coby himself is in the harem

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Explain why Imu didn't nuke Dragon as well, Odadrones. Go on.

Yeah for robin, a crewmate
not for vivi

He also says when the opportunity presents itself they will help her, but if they have no idea where she is there is no opportunity. He's basically trusting in her to hold her own until that opportunity arises. At least that's how I interpret this translation.

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>pisses and shits my freshly changed diaper
UH OH...

It's over

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Fucking Oda.
Good catch.

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>There has to be some mixup!!
Wow TCB really blew the translation on this line

I care. Some of them died. Wano has the most deaths in a single arc of the series.

>trusting Vivi of all people
>when she couldn't do anything about the weakest shichibukai taking over her country


Based Zoro wrangling his impulsive tard captain. Couldn't ask for a better first mate.

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user, he was floating aimlessly through the Florian Triangle around that time, and was dead before that. You can certainly forgive Brook for not keeping up with current events.

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chapter is out
and this is FINAL Straw Hat crew!

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>More names tied to Luffy
Okay so this is definitely gonna be relevant right?

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>Oh no we don’t know where the last one is.
>Cut to New Marineford
Oh I wonder where it’s gonna be.