Are they wearing diapers, underwear, or pants?

Are they wearing diapers, underwear, or pants?

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I always assumed they were wearing diapers.


It sure looks that way


I want to switch clothes with them


how can those tiny legs support them?

especially if it's poopy

Is this the JY supremacist thread?

they seem too old for diapers

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sorry, didn't intend to reply to (You)

You're never too old to shit yourself


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Diapers are underwear and underwear are pants, so yes.

That's why we put you in the nursing home, grandpa.

They look like they're fully capable of consent.

I remember back in 1945 when I heard a gunshot and shat mah pants

Unfortunately, justice is blind.

soiled diapers

Fuck the whore mom who fucked her teacher at school and got pregnant instead of fucking the MC.