Postan mermaids

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Sea Jashin-chan

don't call her that way

I really wish we got more mermaid anime.

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How much beer can levi take before she destroys a city?

She's not black?

she's miss international

I liked Muromi-san. Fun little whacky show, plus Yukari Tamura obviously had a lot of fun playing Muromi.

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fertilising fish eggs

post disney version

way better than jashin
why couldn't this have gotten the bezos bucks

>still has knees

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Desire to fertilize

Bezos didn't exist

fishh or mammal?

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I agree, but not if they're going to halfass it like this show did. The number of times they showed them only from the waist up so they didn't have to show the tails was infuriating. THE ENTIRE POINT OF MERMAIDS IS THE FISH TAIL!

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Will her tail ever be repaired?

Why does a fish have an ass like that?

Feel enjoyed than Disney abomination.

What happens in Denmark stays in Denmark