Second season of Kanojo mo Kanojo announced

Second season of Kanojo mo Kanojo announced.
We're winning today boys

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>Island namek...

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Based. Cannot wait to see more of Saki Saki (cucking included).

It would have been more thrilling if a different romcom had gotten one instead.

A full season of Shino.
We can't stop winning Shino bros.

naked shino

The anime really wasn't that good though

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MORE SHINO BEING ANIMATED!!! I'm honestly surprised there's enough support to warrant a sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season, and I keep up with the manga but I just assumed it was a small cohort of anons and nips that followed it. I guess that's because Any Forums is my only metric for measuring a show's popularity since I'm not a salesfag.

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Will we get more Necry Talkie?
I like Necry Talkie.


Yeah, the opening took a while to get used to, the "IT'S FUN BECAUSE I'M SCREAMING" got old fast and the pacing was all over the place, one can only hope they change the director, but either way.

Mirika and Saki are best of best girls.
Shinoshits and Nagisadoormats need not exist

Does Saki's mom appears more later in the manga? She only appeared once in the first season, but she managed to be a fun character in the only scene she got.

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Naked Shino at the island

Renkano sacrificed The Peggies for a popular internet singer with lukewarm response.
You will get a popular internet singer for the island namek and you will like it.

Self-inserters are disgusting.
The protagonist isn't even on the promotional material.

Nagisa is the self-insert.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu at Uruk.

Nice, this one was pretty good.