I dreamed of Rei today. I love Rei.

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>Interest intensifying

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Reishin #1

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18+ only

Rei is shit.

What a lucky one you are OP. May this day bless your soul.

I only get nightmares

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Rei was an action hero in my dream and fought some thugs and me with martial arts. It was really cool.

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smoll pic for a smoll kid

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I never dream of emotional fulfillment. Why? I'm suitably desperately lonely.

I want to die, desu. Rei's cute, too.

>best girl ends up with protag
>worst girl ends up with head decapitated in a sea of tang

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Rei is alive too
all of them are
Rei created humanity a new here

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here is Rei at EOE final scene

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turned into a literal ghost

no, she just fast forward to ep 01 to say hi to Shinji
Rei doesn't give a fuck and does whatever she wants

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reifags staus: btfo

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asukafags status: btfo

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>pretending fanart is canon
>not realizing that marie's relationship with shinji is purely platonic

thisi s the canon for Asuka

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she lucked out, he is a pretty cool guy and a chad
I bet she will be more happy with him like Jean and Nadia

Her mom is hotter.

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