Were Dio and the priest gay lovers or something? The episode seemed very homoerotic

Were Dio and the priest gay lovers or something? The episode seemed very homoerotic.

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Are you telling me that you don't hang out with your best bro reading books and talking about the state of mankind while shirtless in bed?

As a Catholic priest, Pucci hasno interest in adult men. Cope, seethe, and dilate, papists.


Someone post the interview and end this shitty thread.

Dio had to put his lips on other men to suck their blood. Seems pretty gay to me.
But to echo the sentiments of others
>liking adult men
>pic rel

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>He doesn't do this with his friends
I always thought that Any Forumsnons being lonely was a meme.

Didn't you read or watch part 1? All they need is their hands to drain the blood

araki is a closet gay

Nope. Dio said so that Pucci was a great candidate because he's not interested with anything material and lust for flesh. Dio would've tested Pucci though which is pretty gay

Araki is a faggot for making Jonathan's body go through all this shit.

Bold of you to think most people who talk about Jojo have actually read or watched it.

Faggot subversion attempt failed.

What about shota Dio?

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>need to put your HANDS on other MEN just to "drain their blood"
yeah not fag shit at all, sure buddy

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You sound repressed, are you ok?

DIO will canon fuck anything that moves, this isn't new information retard

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Absolutely obsessed.

pick one


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Is literally just Diego.Though Dio whoring himself out to help his mother out sounds pretty hot.