Urusei Yatsura

I can't believe they actually thought this was good enough to release, but it seems like the nip boomer and western zoomer intended auciences are eating it up.

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not your blog, nobody cares.
>oomer oomer
absolute state of this board

>western zoomer
>intended audience

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>no stormtroopers
I gues it's finally confirmed, they're closely adapting the manga this time. Guess this was the final nail in the coffin. What made the old anime good wasn't the manga.

You can tell they're personally embarrassed by this, even if they aren't acting like it. Why would they release such little animation and instead just post shitty jpegs of the characters and these weird "let's slap a bunch of characters over a background with some wacky effects!" I'll bet my liver on the fact that there's gonna be a ton of shitty CG. I mean god damn even the first 20 episodes of the original looked better, because even if the budget was shit they at least put fucking effort.

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>b-but le twitter man said it was good!

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and that's why I don't like the original anime that much. The comedy is basically butchered

>says nobody cares
>gives a (You) anyways

>ryunosuke in the poster, while she probably won't be in the first 12 or even 24 episodes depending on pacing
>no asuka
>no ryoko
>no rei
>no Lum's parents
>sakura's bf, when is literally in 3 chapters total

some weird stuff here

>Ushio To Tora
>Karakuri Circus
>Urusei Yatsura
what's the next legacy Sunday manga to get another anime or to get an anime?
I'm placing my bets on GS Mikami

I can guarantee there's gonna be some Adachi reboot in the next few years. There's just too much potential profit to leave it on the table at this point.

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ryunnosuke is a main character
sakuras bf who appears early

also Asuka is a minor as fuck character who appears like 250 chapters in
and ryoko also is a minor character
no rei or lums parent because they don't live in the town or even on earth I guess. I will agree that it is weird that Rei isn't there at least though, since I think he stays on Earth for a while and appears as much as sakura bf in early chapter plus actually sticks around.

are you people mentally fucking retarded
rei is in his tiger cow form

right, i'm blind i guess

>Adachi reboot in the next few years. There's just too much potential profit to leave it on the table at this point.
I'm betting H2 is getting a remake for sure or Even KATSU getting an anime.

Also,Sunday has been recently shilling or just reminding people Kumeta's Katte Ni Kaizo exists by doing twitter contests for og volume art and putting promo extras for Shibuya Near Family.

oh lol i didn't look at the poster I just went off of what he said


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i would have wanted this if it was the old designs
I always wanted a zippo lighter, since high school.
I guess I could buy one anytime now...

Why is this making so many people butthurt?

it's a shitty remake of a beloved series
you have to remember this is the same general that lasted for years with no new material

oshiifags can't catch a break and if this is somewhat decent they are fucked

Interesting take
Fair. I can sympathize with that argument.