Is it good?

Is it good?

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which chapter of the manga does misaki strip

No. It's excellent.

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It's okay. The drama is pretty silly and the end is underwhelming "on purpose", but it more or less works.

Its pretty decent

While i think it could have been handled better i kinda like the "harsh truth " feel of it

it hits a little bit to close to home
t. hikki-of-5-years

Yeah, very.

no, its shit
nobody liked this shit in japan
shit sales
only western niggers pretend to like this overrated shit

it's pretty good and still worth watching
especially in dub

tfw had a schoolbuddy who got into making shitty VNs but never an overprotective gf

it sucks, probably one of the worst things i watched in the last decade.

too much filler, the book is better

>harsh truth
I've been a hikki NEET for years and don''t think it was very "true" at all. Even ignoring the dramatic necessity of having people actually show up and interact with him, which is already the exact opposite of the reality.

I was more referring to the ending where sato only gets "cured" out of his hikki state because his family cut out his funding not the series as a whole

>I've been a hikki NEET for years
Hope you get better someday

I mostly found that funny because It was the second time a NEET had ended up starving, gone out, and just fallen into a job. It didn't strike me as a harsh truth so much as a non-answer.

Japanese people always hate too realistic anime. They only watch anime to escape reality, not be reminded of it. They also hate Aggretsuko because it represents their terrible work culture. With NHK, they hate it because it reminds them that hikikomori exist & that their country isn't perfect.

What kind of drugs was Sato doing in the story anyway? The anime tries to sidestep it completely but drug use was way more prevalent in the book, though I don't remember if anything is mentioned by name other than "stuff I get in the mail"

HARD drugs

h-how hard are we talking?
harder than weed?

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They never outright say it, but anyone in Japan who had even a passing knowledge about drug culture of the time would immediately recognize what he was doing.

The Manga is incredible