Made in Abyss

She deserved better.

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Tepaste's tits!

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What the fuck was her desire


So was he always blind or did he only become blind after Faputa stole Mitty from him?

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Pretty sure his "eyes" are just mouths

He sold half his sensory organ for pot mitty


We got robbed... The villager eating scene being a slide show I can live with, but Faputa ripping up Belafu hurt me...

It could've been worse
They could've made riko black.

>Lyza mentors Jirou for years and he is only a moon whistle
>Ozen trains Riko for two weeks and she is a white whistle capable of surviving on the sixth layer

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So was Wazukyan using some sort of Satanic magic to drive off the beasts? They only appeared after he ran away with Veko in tow because he was scared that Faputa would remember him.

he used his tentacles

Jirou is just some random dude
Riko has plot armor and a shotabot relic that let her speedrun to the 6th layer

goddamn moomin looking motherfucker

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Not only that, using all those tentacles was draining his life, so is not like he could do much more.

What does Reg smell like? Do you think he tastes good if you lick his tummy?

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I'm not the only one who hates this story arc right? Made in Abyss is at its best when its the gang exploring the layers, having this much time spent in one place with boring characters sucks.


Please understand. Faputa hungy.

You're wrong. Ganja characters are incredible and the payoff from how this ends is awe inspiring.

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>dispose of all aubades
>kill Narahate on sight
Why is the delver guild like this?

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Seconded. Watching the show for the mystery and the exploration of new layers. Really just want to know what's at the bottom and what happened to the mother


If you were the sole custodian of the world's greatest resource, wouldn't you get rid of things you could not control.

Fappy blood is one hell of a drug

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So what did they explore on the fifth layer user?

Uh oh... is that another dragon-chan I see? Someone found a giiirlfriend~~!

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Nanachi is useless. USELESS!

No, chances are that there's quite a few subhuman NPCs like you, even in this thread. See? You're not alone. I wish death upon you. DEATH!

Aubades are incredibly dangerous. Imagine if Reg or Faputa escaped into the world and intended to harm humans

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The delver's guild is unbased and cringe, duh. Probably also the same kind of people who support humans wearing cat accessories while shitting their pants at the prospect of TRUE fluff.

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Not for long

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What’s her IQ?

At least 3

1.5; at least 2.5 on a good day

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Finally, they will find the most valuable thing in the world next episode? If only we could return to the gold standard.

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