Why's your trash bin overflowing with tissues?

Why's your trash bin overflowing with tissues?

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It's not. I do my business in the toilet

I had covid

i said i had a cold

every time I eat I get a reaction and start to secrete mucus badly, happens every single time, doctors say its just a pavlovian reaction and there's nothing I can really do about it. My family members and friends know it and are not surprised anymore when, at restaurants or stuff, I have to run to the bathroom to clean my nose

So you can imagine its a perfectly convenient excuse to have tissues right beside the computer
And jokes aside, its really convenient to have disposable cleaning paper at an arm lenght on demand for things that aren't fapping

I cum in them.

I am sensitive to dust, it's starting to get windy and I sneeze into the tissue paper.

> she grabs one and sniff it
> she recognizes that smell and sniff her way to your crotch

I cry every night because I don't have gf.

constant allergies, I sneeze all the time

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This. Who the fuck cums in tissues or on themselves to stack up smell of ejaculate your room? At least toss them in the toilet, you are using toilet paper right?

I had covid for a week and fapped a lot staying home all day.

Because I don't have an autistic OL gf to fugg, what else is a man to do?

>he cums onto a fabric
Just cum and wash, don't tell me you can't even do such a basic thing as house cleaning?

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>> she recognizes that smell

why are you spamming hentai here

Bathroom is too far away. You don’t expect me to be Raiden and sneak my way through the house naked holding my jizz covered dick, do you?

because I didn't take out the trash, duh

But hentai mangas told me that girls masturbate too! Don't they use tissues as well?

Shit, that’s a good question. Do girls even use tissues when they masturbate?

>he doesn't have a cum closet

If Raiden can do it for half of his mission you can do it on the way to the bathroom.


does Japan have a special department recycling cum tissues or does it all go to the regular paper processing places?

>there are people who don't have a >40" display in their bathroom to watch hentai while jerking off in the shower
I pity you.

why would you not do it in your room and then trow it in to the toilet?

Leaving it on your room would make it smell like crazy

You don't recycle stained tissues.
Recycling is a meme anyways.