Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

>Finally attains her dream
>Gives up literally everything
God this just made me fucking sad. After a long line of stinkers Trigger finally made a good one

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did she regret it?

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Was David a good MC Any Forums?

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The show was great. Manlets finally got what they deserved.

>not running away with her man and breathing FREE
and hence why she'll never made it

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Going to the moon is a pretty dumb dream outside of the part where it means escaping Night City, but I feel like the world isn't better on the moon.
It's like the dream of owning a big house in a rural town but after slaving away to earn the money and sacrificing your life blood to obtain it, you realize it's also just another meaningless thing that doesn't intrinsically bring happiness.

Can you do this in the game?

The Marnie hair thing on the side is peak design. Wish more characters had it

He was a dreamless fag who feared the reaper

To be honest he didn't really feel like the MC halfway through the show
The crew became more of a main character than him

It was symbolic.

That's literally the point.

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Not after taking off her helmet

How does this stack up against other Trigger shows? For me, it's on the same level as KLK, Gridman and Luluco.

So is it this anime getting popular? I hardly see any traction on mal and youtube

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Yeah kinda

Need some more Becca.

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No, in neither the videogame or the tabletop rpg does Sandi work that way.

Definitely better than Gridman.

Slow time? To kill everyone? It's one of the most basic pieces of chrome. You even have two types of it one one that activates on command and lasts 15 seconds and one that activates on dodge and lasts 3.

>After a long line of stinkers
You mean only DITF?, cause gridman was better than edgerunners

just finished wish Dorio had more screentime but it was good, wish Shadowrun would get a similar treatment

faggot ending

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it's one of the top trigger shows for sure

I think it's weaker than KLK but I would definitely put it above Luluco
You can kinda with a mk4 + multiple heatsinks and some other equipment, allows you to use it with a two second cooldown

man messed up kids are never clear of what they want
thats the entire zoomer generation btw

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>Lucy decides to listen to music on the moon to try and maybe not be depressed for one day
>Song starts up
>She thanks god its not "I really wanna stay in your house"
>The first lyric drops

Yeah it’s getting traction, weekend is coming up

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Shadowrun is a brainlet level futuristic fantasy setting without any depth.

They weren't just iconic. Last time I actually think "this sucks" was DitF's later half. But we can just blame A1 for that.

>thats the entire zoomer generation btw
millennial too

>Save one girl
>Lose/Sacrifice the other
>Depict it as a bitter sweet ending
What's the point of all this?

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>300 user ratings
>8 critic reviews
Seems like the opposite of popular

A popular Youtuber (the guy from the normalfag meme that celebrates and then disappears) gave it a really positive review that's at 800k views.

Best wait until the shilling period ends before making a judgment.


Was Kiwi wrong? I mean she was wrong post factum but if we do not consider the end do you think she was wrong for trying to get more money?

He didn't fuck Rebecca. You tell me

>when tthe samurai version playing

>maine going full cyberschizo
>lucy on panic mode when she saw the arasaka's plans for david and killed tanaka for it
then everything went downhill for them

I think he was a good mc, his goal was relatable and you are his growth happening in a well paced manner

Cyberpunk isn't deep just because it lacks magic.

I detest sad endings..

Would have to wait years till becca looked older to have a relationship with her. David was dying now so it's better this way

David's ok. No charisma and a small dick but he's ok

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granted all i know from Shadowrun is what shows up in the games but it does make for an interesting setting

It actually made it to Netflix's top 10, which basically no anime ever does. Not even Jojo.

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It's a happy ending. Lucy gets to move on and meet new guys

It's good because it provides relevant commentary. Shadowrun is DnD with guns.

Nobody likes stone ocean

please have a Blu Ray release for fuck sake

Like me!

>no star ending for Davido and Lucy in the moon

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Even she knew she was on the wrong and tried to fix her shit but it was too late

>Lucy gets to move on and meet new guys
davido cock is too good that it fixed her

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Because netflix wouldn’t have any reason to lie.

>best episode (6) is an Ikarashi episode
How does he keep doing it? Is it pure autism or is he just made of kino?

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Hate her after she gets the hand mods. Makes my big benis looks like an average benis for handjobs

She was following the principles she understood, but realized just a bit too late that she stabbed the wrong person in the back. She was wrong in the third person, but as a Night City resident, her logic was completely on-point.

She's dead.

She's already a grown ass woman. Late teen at least.


source? I don't see it on, but I can't even specifically find it on there so it's probably just not updated

Why are her legs so fat?

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>not 10

Her giant hands are for gripping your ass and forcing you to thrust into her, she's grown beyond the need for handjobs.

Why would they lie for this and not for any of their other anime originals?

>meet new guys
>on the moon
user. the moon is humanity's grave.

>grown ass

Season 1?

>grown woman
>body of a child and NOT a midge
Pick one. It's the future but I doubt pedophilia is legal

died in a blaze of glory just to save his gf while killing the fixernigger

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That's purely an artifact of how sites classify stuff.

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reminder she was Smashed

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>literally my dream
You mean… it would be all for nothing? Then why am I stressing out over a job and investment gains?!

because DICK

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As a whole, 6 was unquestionably the peak of the series. While I'd definitely argue that the end on the moon was the most kino singular moment, 6 was shockingly well-composed from start to finish. updates weekly. This one is daily: