Granted I haven't lurked around Any Forums for quite some time...

Granted I haven't lurked around Any Forums for quite some time. But it's feels weird to find out that one of your favorite anime of all time has a sequel and it's on Disney+ of all places.

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Why are there still retards being surprised some random anime is on x streaming service

That's not that surprising to me. What's surprising is that it's actually really good so far

I've been listening to the OP non-stop since yesterday night.

Big Western companies realized how much money there is in anime and now they're trying to get in there and make as much as they can

This. Streaming services are irrelevant and not news worthy. Who gives a shit.

Where can I watch tatami galaxy

I can't tell if they made the MC much more unlikable than in the original or my taste has changed.

Well yeah the source material is good. If you like it so far, then maybe you should give the movie a watch.

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Why is Ozu fat.

He seems the same to me other than the slight difference in character design

I never heard of the sequel. Has there been any advertising?

I found out about it yesterday

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there were like 2-3 threads on Any Forums week+ ago

The characters don't really have analogues as far as personality goes, though if you go by who does what so far, the guy in red in pic related is Ozu and the fat guy is Master cause he lost his shampoo. Though the guy in red is also the kappa stature look alike while in the anime it's Jogasaki.
Watashi is the tall guy, second from the right.

Glasses guy acts the most like Ozu though.

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Not much, stupidly, at least in America. Cult classic anime gets a sequel and not a word. Stupid.

Where do people even get advertised anime? This is the first time I'm hearing "it wasn't advertised" as an excuse. Unless you only watch anime on toonami when has anything ever been advertised? I didn't see any advertised the original Tatami Galaxy back in 2012? Who the fuck on Any Forums needs to be advertised anime? It was on every chart for the fall season. What more advertising could there be?

I suspect that a large and rapidly growing population of Any Forums more or less exclusively uses streaming services

Wait, it started airing already? I figured it was still coming at some vague future time because Any Forums didn't appear to meltdown.

>Uchouten Kazoku season 3 will probably be like a decade from now
Feels bad man

anichart has it on "ova/ona/special" so I didn't see it.