Boku no hero academia

Boring chapter. Anyway AFO next?

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I want him to sit on my face

I want him to rape Hawks while Endeavor is watching.

I want him to summon 800 nomus to gangrape bakugo

For me it's the DFObros we fun and hornyposted with along the way.

I want him to have have consensual sex with Inko for the sole pupose of procreation 5 more times then finally teach Deku how to be a MAN

I want him to motorboat Kacchan's Kacchans while Deku is watching and then call Deku a cuck.

Can you please AFO has standarts.


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Yes, and? Kacchan and Hawks are hot af.

t. underage fujo


t. has no argument

Thorfinn is my favorite character ever, so Mirio is my favorite mha character.

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peach status?

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in a can
they put there by a man
in a factory downtown

>Deku is there
Holy shit finally kino.

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You're just upset because Miruko didn't lose her last remaining limb.

>peach status?

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Toga and Ochaco literally got offscreened

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Hawks is higher quality than his pig scientist

mogged by mirio's ass
even the chapter's title is about mirio's ass
even hori doesn't care

He only kept that fanboy around because of the science shit.


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>mirio's ass got more (you)'s than deku's return
dekusisters... we're done for....

>O MY ORIGAMI HEART got more replies than anything from mha ever
>Hori is the funniest when he's trying to be dead serious

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Literally, lowered his standards then? He should have only kept primes like his first bodyguard. Machia too is mid.

I need that image of Broly crushing Goku's head in his ass but with Mirio and Shiggy instead.

How dare you. Mirio's ripe peach is peak

those elbows are pretty pointy

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Shiggy must submit to Mirio's butt.


They can put an eye out.