How would you improve the FB arc?

How would you improve the FB arc?

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You make Ichigo less of a little bitch. Dude plowed through the whole of SS and seems to not have grown even a tiny bit in term of mettle.

replace hitsugaya with ukitake and involve tokinada

He did grow, though. He simply can't c*pe with the fact that he lost his raison. This is unlike anything he had to deal with prior. What do you want him to be less of a bitch about?

Have it something to do with the upcoming Quincy arc. Ichigo lost his powers, he can't see spirits. Quincies are human. It should be a no-brainer.

The overall weakness of the FB arc is that it's a waste of time. The only outcome of the arc is that Ichigo got his powers back - something he already had to begin with. And even at that it was the shinigami who just came and gave him his powers, basically, making the whole thing hollow. If you look at the comparable interim Visored mini-arc preceding the Hueco Mundo arc, so much shit happened - there were so many important character interactions, so many things were explained and teased building up the hype and creating a natural bridge into the following events. In the Fullbring arc we get nothing, it's an entirely self-contained arc that doesn't really have any substantial story development to justify its existence, which is why it feels like a filler. You can literally have everything that happened in it and also create a more pressing overarching story that deals with the upcoming Quincy war.

Less Shinigami wanking. Why the hell Toshiro appeared in this arc?

Because he paired up nicely against the shota fullbringer. Like the other characters; duality and shit.

Each time he encountered a new predicament such as [another treason], he lost his mind and courage. Seeing his face torn in anguish just made me angry with him at some point in this arc.

You don't bring the shinigami outside of Rukia and Renji to Kakakura Town.
You reveal that Karen is the replacement substitute shinigami and Yuzu has been learning Quincy shit on the sideline.
You reveal that Ichigo's friends (Tatsuki, Keigo, Mizuru, Chizuru) have powers of their own.
You build up on Ginjou's relationship with Ukitake and give him an actual flashback.
Make a better explanation of why Ichigo can use Fullbring that makes sense instead of leaving it to the novels or headcanons.
Chad's timeskip training has him reveal a full armor suit or at least the fact he can use it on his legs.
You switch to Rukia's perspective at times to sedate the Gotei 13 wank.
You give Ichigo's fullbring an actual name.

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>You reveal that Ichigo's friends (Tatsuki, Keigo, Mizuru, Chizuru) have powers of their own.
Yes, because the cast needs more jobbers.

We already get more jobbers every arc. Why are you like this

>lets make the problems even worse!

His friends don't even need powers, just let them talk about all this strange shit that happened and expand on Ichigos paranoia about Facebook brainwashing his friends against him.

Skip over it and watch the superior zankpakuto filler arc that was airing at the same time as it.

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Slit your throat bleach faggot

Don't rush the ending and reveal Ginjo's backstory in full.
Pay more attention to the fact that Ginjo was Ichigo's first human kill. Make Ichigo going to SS and choosing to give him a proper burial have more meaning.

Otherwise the arc is fine really and does a pretty good job with characterizing Ichigo.

why so edgy

Read Chapter Black from YYH instead

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>Why the hell Toshiro appeared in this arc?
Because pic related

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Delete it

>no captains, have Ichigo and his friends deal with the problem on their own, with Ukitake showing up at the end to finish off Ginjo because Ichigo's not strong enough
>replace the fullbringers with the vizards, or just merge the two into a single group. We didn't need TWO different groups of hollow hybrids training Ichigo. If you had to merge the two groups I'd get rid of Hiyori, Giriko, Moe, Rose, Love, Kensei, and keep the rest with Shinji acting as the new leader

>Because he paired up nicely against the shota fullbringer.
Toshiro had reality warping powers?