Has there ever been a yuri anime that Any Forums didn't like? In recent years...

Has there ever been a yuri anime that Any Forums didn't like? In recent years, have there been been yuri anime that didn't get any fanbase on Any Forums at all? It seems like all yuri anime end up gaining at least some popularity here regardless of quality.

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Any Forums loves all anime.

Real yuri hardly ever gets adapted into anime

I love all anime

Any Forums is one person

Take my meds

and manga

Do girls really get pleasure from slapping their vaginas together? If that's the case shouldn't pleasing them with any size dick be easy mode?

the logic checks out. I've never really thought about it that way

Any Forums generally didn't like Netuzou Trap and Citrus much.
In the latter, they are right, but for all the wrong reasons, but the former is really quite good, and the source is even better.

But Any Forums's taste is obviously just cute female characters, in particular the titles where no males even seem to exist, not heavy rapechad drama with conflicted internal monologs, though that certainly seems to have it's fanbase as wel on Any Forums given some of the threads about it.

It's the opposite actually. In most of them the outside is more sensitive than the inside.
I mean, aren't your lips more sensitive than the inside of your mouth too?

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So you're saying that Any Forums doesn't like yuri shows where males appear?

Not necessarily actually. But most of the people who are obsessed with “yuri” and only watch it seem to be of that mentality.

The people on Any Forums that simply don't mind either way don't seem to mind males appearing.

Among the Japanese fans on Netuzou Trap, the male with the ash hair seems to have been the breakout character and he's my favorite character too to be honest.


Fuck off.

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Urasekai Picnic I guess, though it's more the fault of the adaptation being shit
Other than that, To-LIE-Angle I guess?

>His favorite character is implied to be a faggot
Why don't you admit you liked the series because the boys were also gay lol

To lie angle was a shitty 5 min anime of a shitty series with a cucking ending

Personally. Hate dyke shit. No interest in it.

Reminder that EVERY time you see someome talking about how much theyt like NTR Trap, it's not the yuri they like.

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Nothing implied anyone to be gay in that title..
Genderfags will never understand that not everyone is obsessed with gender as they are.

Pretty sure 90% of the fans just read it because it was one of the best executions of the trope of:
>One nice love interest destined to loose from the start
>One smug rapey bad guy love interest
>>He's so mean... so forceful... yet... somehow whenever I thin of him I...
Has nothing to do with gender. Naoko made a thousand of those stories with male love interests too. It was simply one of the best executions of this formula that's been done a million times by a thousand different artists.

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And gay men!