The biggest rack in One Piece

The biggest rack in One Piece

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Coby is a lucky guy

she's canonically a lesbian user, she wants Boa's pussy

didn't she like to kill other girls?

Yes and?

lesbians can't kill girls?¿?

Post more Catarina.

>wanting to fuck female ussop


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By this logic, an A-cup Sanjuan genderswap would be even bigger.

>Catarina Devon
Gerd wins

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Heights in One Piece are a cheat code for biggest racks. Gerd is a full-on giantess too.

thats because literally girl except Goldenweek has a pair of proportional G-cup tits.
including Kiku.


Everyone is gay for Boa
It's pretty obvious she wants to off every Stacy she finds because she suffers from chronical paperbag syndrome.

>implying blackbeard would share

>he hasn't seen Kiku's heart

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No one has.

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Super paper Mario lookin ass

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