What is the ideal height difference for anime couples?

What is the ideal height difference for anime couples?

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Girls should need to stand on tiptoes for a standing blowjob

the one you just posted but with the genders reversed

Your example is a bit too extreme.

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unless its fetishy or the gap is the appeal somewhere around wotakoi/dress up darling is ideal

That man was drawn by the hands of a women and its obvious

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Shiromanta is a woman?

About this much is ideal.

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Female writers using pennames is common or not saying they are women.
FMA and Demon slayer for examples

Yes perfect.

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female 3:4 male
shota 1:2 onee-san / oba-san
loli 1:3 onii-san
loli: 1:4 oji-san


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imouto 2:3 onii-chan

Wrong. You need to at least reverse it.

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Karen is like 8 to 7 Koyomi, I think

Yeah they need to go further

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This much

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You just posted it

I want to feed her a baby bottle so bad