One Piece

Enel's Raigo (big lightning ball) was used in Chapter 294, which came out on October 6th, 2003
Chapter 1060 will release on September 20th, 2022
6925 days between the two
6= roku, 9 = ku/kyuu, 2 = ni, 5 = go
The Thousand Sunny is Sunny-go in Japanese, the Merry was Merry-go
6925 means Rokyuu ni go, or The Go of Rocks, Go(号) refers to a professional name used by an East Asian artist, poet, or writer.
In other words, Rocks is not his real name, but his real name is THAT man

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THAT man?
You mean THAT guy?
From THAT place?
The one who did THAT thing?

>the pure, unadulterated look of a woman that's completely fallen head over heels with the man that she puts her unconditional faith and loyalty into.
It's over Hancucks. Nami knows his dream.

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Duchess bun

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Yeah THAT one

Ach so

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Endgame right here, brothers

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I can't believe it Kizaru fucking nuked the entire island

yeah I hate that Nami has been brainwashed too

>he doubted That D. Man

What's your serious guess on Luffy's dream
He apparently believes that he needs to be pirate king to achieve it

Jetzt weißt du Bescheid :)

And he's important to THAT person with THAT power that can make THAT happen but he's waiting for IT to tell him THAT important thing.

Imu is just a lonely little girl! Imagine spending 800 years in a castle with no friends because nobody but a bunch of inbred retards can know that you exist

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Here's a list of things THAT Man did and can do for those who don't know
>He is the secret sixth member of the Gorosei, the Eighth Warlord, the true Fifth Emperor, and founder of the even more illusive than CP9 and CP0 CP10
>Fucked with Teach to give him his weird body
>Is a member of one of the races Big Mom doesn't have on Tottoland
>Made the Red Line and Calm Belt
>Planted the seeds on Elbaf that made the giant tree there, as well as planting the Adam and Eve trees
>Ate the first Devil Fruit
>Can read Poneglyphs as well as being able to speak their language
>Hooked Higurashi up with Kaido
>Was Vegapunk's mentor and teacher
>Assisted Skypeians in colonizing the Moon
>Pushed Kuina down the stairs
>Gave Yorki, Roger, and Whitebeard their diseases
>Gave Doflamingo's dad the idea to abandon being a CD

Luffy's dream is simply absolute anarchy

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>Was wondering why the Seraphim were children
>turns out the design choice was Imu's
That would make sense

>muh lesbian
All characters are straight until proven otherwise

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CARROT WILL BE IN 1061 (if not I will forever leave the Carrot crew)

nah, THAT man will jump out of the barrel

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>What's your serious guess on Luffy's dream
It's literally just a feast with every person in the world
That's why Nami then said "Oh that's so Luffy of you"
Or why Sanji jokingly said to Chopper to check Luffy's brain out
Or why Usopp said "Whoah that's impossible" (because the Red Line is in the way)
Or why Jinbei was so shocked at first, because he know of the distrust humans and fishmen have against each other, so a big banquet seems tough to pull off

Kill Oda

That was Kaido's, the strong thrive and the weak fall, Luffy's dream world isn't like that

Why do I have to?


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Cope Carrotfag

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>seraphim were actually made to be imu's friends

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Excel Saga was right

Wouldn't that be pre-TS Nami's dream
Fucking cheapskate bitch

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Deader than your mother

I noticed a lot of Carrot bullying tonight. Was it revealed that she is on Zou?


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Women have that face for powerful men they can dominate

Luffy did have a treasure tab he needed to pay off

So what you're saying is that Gaimon is actually Roger in hiding?

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Makino will become a gorillionaire at the end of the series, based

Another mystery solved

Absent on colour spread, barrel had Caribou in it.

I thought he only wanted fun and adventure. How about Sanji, is dream is still finding the pond with all the fish?

Are any yamatofags still alive?

> zoro being member of whatever club mihawk, doffy and blueno are
Wtf bros

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Luffy wants to buy it so he can turn the world into a worldwide kingdom with unlimited freedom without nobles and marine

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really though wtf was the egg
>Shiki implied it was an Ancient Weapon
>Can't be Uranus because WG has it and used it to memory hole God Valley
>Can't be Pluton since it's underneath Wano
>Can't be Poseidon since Shirahoshi wasn't born yet

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>Luffy is going to cause uncontrolled hyperinflation in the One Piece world


I big banquet or flattening the world.

Shiki didn't say anything about the egg

Caribou won.

you sure it isn't shirahoshi?

I guess this sounds cool at first
But wouldn't it cause anarchy?