165cm (5'5")

>165cm (5'5")
>57kg (126lbs)

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>literally taller than us
worst girl

>4 inches shorter yet double the weight

just grow taller, dumbass

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That's a whole lot of meat

>tfw 5'3 and 90lbs
Shinka would destroy me in a fight desu

Damn. I'm 5'7 and weigh 110lbs. How is she so fat.

Does this look fat to you? Maybe you're just skinny.

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hmm lots of short skinny faggots around recently

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>Does this look fat to you

Shinka would crush them with ease.

I want to sling her over my shoulder and carry her somewhere.


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such fat thighs i wouldnt be surprised if she breaks a couple boys

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She'd break Yuuta.

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She could stand to gain some weight, really.

Are you an architect?


I wish she bullied me relentlessly.

She's perfect for getting knotted.